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Ciara posts on 10/15/2005 10:53:58 PM That book the skin i'm in was so good, my favorite part was when Maleeka was in the beauty salon and she got her hair cut and flaunting her new hairstyle, I also like how she made up the diary of Akeela thats hat was creative. I also read Begging for change, and I relized that those two books had to with skin color. Like Maleeka had problems with being dark skinned and Ling was Korean and black, so i'm wonder if Sharon dealt with those problems as a child.. I'm Black and Peutro rican and i've never had problems with it. but my favorite part was when Raspberry and her mom had that party and her and Sato kissed
steanna kilgore posts on 10/13/2005 6:54:10 PM Dear Ms.Flake I would like to know if you are making another book for begging for change? I know you told us about how it got good for Rasberry and her momma,but iwould like to know more about it you know.About Rasberry and Sato.Her mother and Dr.Mitchell. Rasberry frienship with Zora,How will her dad turn out, and how will it turn out? the ending was good but I need to know more and ASAP!But I really enjoy your books. So far i only Read The Skin I'm In,Money Hungry,and Begging For Change.So i wish you the best of luck!!!! your fan, Steanna Kilgore P.S can you please make another one For me? If so Thank You.
Alexis posts on 10/13/2005 11:44:30 AM Dear Ms. Flake can all about your life? Please answer soon as possible in like 5 min.

Yuri posts on 10/11/2005 1:08:47 PM I like your book so far! Maleeka seems like a nice talented girl. Is this book based on something that happened to you when you were young? I have not read your other book "Money Hungry." Is "Money Hungry" about people teasing somebody?
Sydney posts on 10/1/2005 9:48:31 PM I just got your lastest book ( What Will I Do Without Him? ) yesterday and I'm already on page 157. I can't stop reading it because I have the same feelings as some of the teens in the stories. Keep writing because the more you write the more I'll read. Last year I wouldn't read anything until my friend got me to read "The Skin I'm In", i loved it so i decided to see if you had anymore books and read "Money Hungry" which was good too.
Karungi posts on 9/21/2005 4:04:40 PM Hi I am 10 years old I have read all your books I love them pppllleeeaaassseee make some more me and 21 of my friends have a club about You luv Karungi To: Sharon G Flake
Crystal posts on 9/5/2005 9:29:28 PM Tierra you phony girl you not all that so girl stop acting like you are cause you not better than me im the #1 hot shawty in savannah ga holla you hater oh and i want to give a shout out to sharon g flake you my girl you also is a hot little shawty in pittsburgh holla
M. Tenner posts on 8/10/2005 9:31:49 PM How can I get in contact with Sharon Flake?
Vauncille posts on 8/7/2005 8:26:45 PM Tiara you so corny.But besidesnthat her boooks are really good
Ashley posts on 8/3/2005 11:26:54 PM Each and every one of Sharon G. Flakes books are absolutly breathtaking and so good you can put the book down until its finished. I look forward to when Ms. Flake comes out w/ a new book. I own each one she evver published. You have to read her books.
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