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Sandy posts on 2/3/2006 5:32:43 PM I can't believe this great book doesn't have an ending. Does the sequel finally tell who abducted Josh. Disappointed.
Christine Northern Ireland posts on 2/3/2006 2:52:31 PM Hi everybody here is discussing 'Night Sins' and Tami's other classic work from 'Sarah's Sin' onwards to ' A Thin Dark Line'. But has anyone read her more recent work such as 'Dark Horse' and 'Kill The Mesenger'. If so did you enjoy them as much? I would be interested to hear what other readers think.
Kathy C posts on 1/17/2006 10:46:45 PM Yes it is the sequel to night sins. Someone else will need to answer the movie thing. Good luck.

Angela Ryan posts on 1/14/2006 12:29:20 PM I saw the tv movie Night Sins and it appears that the Guilty as Sin is the sequel. Is this true, and if it is, how can I purchase both movies. I have trouble reading and would be more comfortable with having both movies in my hand. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time in Night Sins. Thank you. Angela Ryan
Kathy C posts on 12/29/2005 7:14:49 PM Sorry to hear so many people read Guilty of Sin before night sins. Do not make this mistake....But read them. I can't imagine enjoying it as much knowing who the abducter is but hey it's still worth the read. Haven't read guilty as sin yet. Need to desperatley. Night sins almost impossible to put down. If you have read neither,, buy both right off the start. This is my first introduction to Tami Hoag and I'm immpressed so far!!
Ela posts on 12/26/2005 7:53:22 PM I read dark paradise & fell inlove with it.. :) .. im not much of a reader but that book is me.. thumbs up!! -my friends would call me weird right about now- lol.
Melissa posts on 12/21/2005 4:10:07 PM I heard that Tami is from Harmony, MN which is a VERY small town in the SE corner of the state. I grew up about 15 miles from that town, and that is why I started reading her books! Harmony is a tourist town which has a great deal of Amish in the surrounding community.
Christine Northern Ireland posts on 12/3/2005 10:57:54 AM I own all of Tami's books from 'Sarahs Sin' to 'A Thin Dark Line' I really love them. But I am SO DISSAPPOINTED with her recent work from Dark Horse onwards. I didn't even finish 'Kill the Mesenger'. If Tami wants to completely change genre she should write under a pseudonum, not dissapoint her fans. I wont bother reading any of her new work! Are there any other Tami fans who feel the same way?
kellieg posts on 11/29/2005 2:31:25 PM I have been checking Tami Hoag's website all year long to see if she has updated it any with new info, but there has been no change. How do you know that she is coming out with two new books? I know about the one book, but not the other. Tami are you OK?
Jessie posts on 11/10/2005 5:47:01 PM She has 2!!!!!New Books Coming Out next year!!!! Tami rocks!
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