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Inkrose posts on 12/17/2006 12:41:39 PM Except, of course, ECHO! Where are you? Have you read Terry Pratchett and some other guys book " The Last Hero" ?
Inkrose posts on 12/6/2006 7:52:26 PM Hello. Hello, anybody here? I can almost hear echos. SOMEONE POST!
Inkrose posts on 11/12/2006 10:17:57 PM Well, Agnes actually goes to Ank-Morpork and works in an opera house. Some ghost person is there, Nanny and Granny forgot-her-name come, and I am really bad at describing books. It is definatly worth reading.

Echo. posts on 11/11/2006 12:16:00 AM No, I haven't. Would you care to give me a synopsis?
Inkrose posts on 11/7/2006 2:48:49 PM Yes! I am no longer alone. I really liked his book Maskerade. Have you read it?
Echo. posts on 11/5/2006 11:31:32 AM Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman wrote a book together. It's called "Good Omens" and it is really really good. I recommend it. It's really funny! It's about the Apocalypse. I think I spelled that wrong.
Inkrose posts on 10/30/2006 2:11:46 PM Hi. This board isn't very active, is it? The Tiffany Aching book is out and it is great! How does Terry Pratchett write so many books?
posts on 10/4/2006 10:09:58 AM i've read a canny few Pratchett books now (my dad got me addicted, he's got shelves full of them!) and i heard that they're being made into films, at least The Hogfather, one of my favourites
posts on 9/26/2006 6:01:58 PM is the third tiffany aching one out? i have read both of them. the last pratchett i read was maskerade. that was one of my favorite. before that i read moving pictures. i did not like that one as much.
posts on 9/5/2006 5:51:10 PM The third and I belive last Tiffany Aching story, is called "Wintersmith". A sample chapter is in the back of the "THUD!" paperback.
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