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posts on 7/21/2006 8:59:48 PM That would be the next one: Separation of Power. Hope that helps ;)
posts on 7/21/2006 5:40:46 PM What book completes the story started in The Third Option?
posts on 6/3/2006 3:52:17 PM The book you're wondering about is Transfer of Power. This is actually the first book that Mitch Rapp appears in. I know someone was wondering the book order. It is: 1) Term Limits 2) Transfer of Power 3) The Third Option 4) Separation of Power 5) Executive Power 6) Memorial Day 7) Consent to Kill 8) Act of Treason (10 Oct 2006) - there is a description of the book over at TheThirdOption

posts on 6/3/2006 11:25:53 AM Which of Vince Flynn's books is the one where Rapp saves the president when the White House gets attacked. This is referred to in many of Flynn's later books when that head secret service agent is always saying how mich saved his life. Which book is that? when the white house gets attacked
posts on 5/18/2006 3:49:54 PM I just started reading my first book by this author and I like it, but what is up with all of the errors? Who is proofing these books?
posts on 4/29/2006 7:10:14 PM ha ryan, go screw yourself gus
posts on 4/28/2006 7:19:46 PM List by completion date or alphabetical title? Or would you care to have the list compiled by page length or book cover size? Or how about by covers color hue? Do you own research you lazy bum.
posts on 4/28/2006 11:55:34 AM could someone name the books of vince flynn in order starting from the 1st. thanks
posts on 4/22/2006 10:11:45 PM Boy, did I waste my anticipation on Brad Thor. He cannot complare as an author to Vince Flynn. I'm stuck with 3 books only one of which I have finished and that was just to get it over. Then tried the second book hoping he'd improved. Disappointed again. I have had Lee Child recommended by another so I am hoping perhaps he and Jack Reacher have what it takes. Anyone want three Thor books - cheap?
posts on 4/22/2006 1:29:07 AM If any of these books or a combination of these books ever become a movie the perfect Mitch Rapp is Carlos Bernard... Tony Almeida from 24. When I read the books my mind sees "Tony" in the Mitch character. Exceptional actor and answers every description of Rapp.
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