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Actors: Big Boi, Cam Gigandet, Tamala Jones, Jeffrey Jones

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This is a comedy about a rich black hip-hop music producer, who wants to join an elite white-only country club in the South. Two SUVs playing hip-hop music drive up to a fancy country club called "Carolina Pines", which has a golf course and a polo field. They pull up in front of the clubhouse. A crew of black hip-hop guys and gals get out of the SUVs. Inside the country club the board members are talking about new member applications. Mr. Cummings (played by Jeffrey Jones), who is the Club Director denies the application of President Clinton and Rosie O'Donnell and is in the process of denying Al Sharpton's application when the hip-hop crew walks in. Christopher Hawkins (played by Big Boi) who is also called C-Note says he wants to be part of the country club. Mr. Cummings offers him a job as a caddy or shoveling manure in the horse stables. C-Note's assistant Lady G (Played by Sherri Shepherd) offers Mr. Cummings one million in cash, which she has with her, in a briefcase, when the dues are only $500,000. Still, C-Note's request to join the club is denied.
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C-Note buys a mansion for all cash located on the 17th hole of the country club. He starts to party at the new house, shooting a music video in the backyard, making a big scene with lots of pretty women shaking their booty for the camera. The land for the 17th hole was leased to the country club, by the owner of the mansion purchased by C-Note. The lease just ran out. This means when C-Note bought the house, he also bought the one acre of the land used for the 17th hole of the country club. The 17th hole was made famous by Jack Nicklaus for making the winning shot during the US Open tournament there. The USGA is considering using the club again for another tournament. C-Note offers to give the country club the land of the 17th hole, in exchange for a membership in the club but C-Note refuses to sell the land. He threatens to increase the naked women on the property if he does not get the membership he wants. The USGA guy is there while all of this is going on.

Ms. Shannon Williams (played by Tamala Jones) represents Mr. Cummings as his attorney. She goes to negotiate with C-Note about the property. She offers C-Note $3 million but he says it is worth at least $5 million and he will not sell it for any price. All he will accept is a membership. Ms. Williams returns to the country club. She suggests Mr. Cummings give C-Note the membership and reminds him all members must follow all the rules during a 30-day probationary period otherwise they are subject to having their membership revoked. Her suggestion is to let C-Note become a member and then take the membership away. C-Note gets to join the club. He arrives by helicopter dressed in very colorful clothes. C-Note and his crew look at all the trophies in the trophy room, and see a photo of Jack Nicklaus with a black man as his caddy. C-Note meets up the guys running the caddy services who are his old friends. A white kid who is a caddy, named Nick (played by Cam Gigandet) makes a really crazy shot they are all betting on. C-Note has a golf cart made up like a stylish jeep which has a nitrous oxide system allowing it to go very fast. They are secretly photographed having weapons. They are terrible at golf. The white kid Nick helps C-Note and becomes his caddy. They crash the golf cart, sending Big Love (played by Faizon Large) flying in the air. Big Love lands on Mr. Cummings.

Ms. Williams tries to revoke the membership based on the rule violations. Rev. J. J. Jackson (played by Garrett Morris) who is also attorney comes to help them. The effort to revoke the membership fails because they did not technically break the rules and even have a permit signed by the Mayor who is present saying they can carry the concealed weapons.
C- Note attempts to get Shannon interested in him but she turns him down. The hip-hop crew takes Mr. Cummings' son Wilson (played by Andy Milonakis) to a nightclub. At the club, Lady G runs into her old boyfriend Tank (played by Terry Crew) who she thought was in jail for life. Mr. Cummings hires a midget gangster to make C-Note gone for good.

C-Note visits his mother (played by Jennifer Lewis). C-Note tells her he found a good woman, she is a lawyer, but so far she turned him down. His mother immediately like the idea of a woman like that. C-note watches some old movies of his dad. The next day, the white kid Nick asks C-note if his dad was the legendary Bobby Hawkins who has the unofficial lowest score on the course. C-Note confirms his father is the man holding the course record and he was a caddy.

The next day at the club, it is a birthday party for Wilson. Wilson arrives with a woman on each arm, acting like a gangster-player. In the parking lot, C-Note's car explodes from a bomb. Mr. Cummings calls the midget gangster and tells him he wanted C- Note gone, not killed, so he calls off the hit. Tank captures the midget and gets him to confess who put on the hit.
C-Note puts together a polo team to take on the Carolina Pines team led by Mr. Cummings. Mr. Cummings' horse falls down, at a crucial part of the match, from eating too much marijuana given to it by one of C-Note's crew. C-Note's teams= wins in sudden-death overtime. Mr. Cummings challenges C-Note to a team golf game and the winner stays, with the loser leaving. C-Note agrees and tells him if he wins, C-Note will put the photo of the correct course record holder on the wall, which is his father. Shannon starts liking C- Note. She quits working for Mr. Cummings as his lawyer and tells C-Note she likes him.

A golf pro, Jesper Parnevik, has been hired to play with Mr. Cummings. C- Note gets Nick to play with him. At the end of the first nine holes, Mr. Cummings' team is four holes up. By the 17th hole the teams are even. Nick hits one in the lake. C-Note makes an incredible shot, 270 yards out, into the wind, from the fairway and lands on the green. The ball rolls back downhill and into the hole to win the game. Mr. Cummings is arrested for conspiracy to murder C- Note. Shannon and C-Note share a nice kiss. C-Note gets to run the country club. He changes the acceptance rules to accommodate everybody. Mr. Cummings spends time in jail with a big black cellmate.
Best part of story, including ending: I like the main motivation of C-Note is to do something in recognition of his father who loved to play golf and was very good at it, during a time when blacks were not permitted to play golf professionally. His motivations are admirable.

Best scene in story: When the nitro-powered golf cart goes zipping down the fairway, crashes, and throws Big Love in the air, to land on top of Mr.Cummings; this is hilarious.

Opinion about the main character: C-Note finally gets the respect he deserves at the end which is great and his father would be proud of him.

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Plot & Themes

Comedy, primarily    -   Yes Time/era of movie:    -   2000's+ (present) Kind of sports story:    -   golf Sports story?    -   Yes Comedy or Parody about    -   blacks How much humor v. drama    -   Nearly all humor

Main Character

Identity:    -   Male Profession/status:    -   producer/director Age:    -   20's-30's Ethnicity/Nationality    -   Black american


United States    -   Yes The US:    -   Deep South

Writing Style

Accounts of torture and death?    -   no torture/death What kind of sex:    -   kissing    -   touching of personal anatomy    -   seeing breasts    -   seeing nude male butt Any profanity?    -   A lot of foul language

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