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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Of Their Own Accord Gary E. Dolan 2000
The Palermo Ambush Colin Forbes 2000
Sharpe's Havoc Bernard Cornwell 2000
Time To Hunt Stephen Hunter 2000
Harlequin Bernard Cornwell 2000
The Flight of The Old Dog Dale Brown 2000
Typhoon Robin White 2000
Jackdaws Ken Follett 2000
Cavalry Scout Dennis Patrick Michels 2000
Red Army Ralph Peters 2000
The War in 2020 Ralph Peters 2000
Cover Fire K.G. Booth 2000
Street Boys Lorenzo Carcaterra 2000
Faces in a Dusty Picture Gerald Kersh 2000
The Englishman's Daughter Ben MacIntyre 2000
Fall of the Tyrant: A Novel of the 1989 Romanian Revolution Kristopher Rhodes 2000
Hey Doc! C.J. Turner 2000
They Die With Their Boots Clean Gerald Kersh 2000
The Killer Angels Michael Shaara 2000
All Quiet on the Western Front Erich Maria Remarque 2000
The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane 2000
Carrier 14: Typhoon Season Keith Douglass 2000
Mamemameshiifuruboku James L. Secor 2000
Under Fire - The Corps 9 W.E.B. Griffin 2000
Fly the Friendly Skies of Laos? Dan McQ 2000
Silent Lightning Joe Gribble 2000
The Blooding Of The Guns Alexander Fullerton 2000
Nimitz Class Patrick Robinson 2000
Tomorrow When the War Began - Tomorrow 1 John Marsden 2000
With Honour in Battle J.T. McDaniel 2000
Chains of Command Dale Brown 2000
Piranha Firing Point Michael DiMercurio 2000
Sky Masters Dale Brown 2000
Barracuda Final Bearing Michael DiMercurio 2000
Battle Born Dale Brown 2000
Rogue Warrior Richard Marcinko 2000
Fatal Terrain Dale Brown 2000
Invasion Eric L. Harry 2000
Shadows of Steel Dale Brown 2000
Protect and Defend Eric L. Harry 2000
Silver Tower Dale Brown 2000
Flight of the Old Dog Dale Brown 2000
The Enemy Within Larry Bond 2000
Kriegspiel Todd Stone 2000
Cauldron Larry Bond 2000
Vortex Larry Bond 2000
Red Phoenix Larry Bond 2000
Old Ugly Hill Rudolf Stevens 2000
Sing a Song to Jenny Next Lawrence Gardella 2000
Black Boy What Are You Fighting For? Hubert Bailey 2000

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