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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Dark Side Of Dawn Merline Lovelace 2000
Desert Triangle Kristie Leigh Maguire 2000
Anne of the Island Lucy Maud Montgomery 2000
After the Music Diana Palmer 2000
Bittersweet Danielle Steel 2000
Educating Caroline Patricia Cabot 2000
In My Wildest Dreams Christina Dodd 2000
Shanghai Baby Wei Hui 2000
Hunter's Bride Jessica Wulf 2000
Down By The Water Caroline Upcher 2000
Second Chance Sian James 2000
Envy Sandra Brown 2000
Carousel of Dreams Amanda Harte 2000
Nicola and the Viscount Meg Cabot 2000
Wandering Heart Rita Hestand 2000
The Legend Kathleen Givens 2000
Amorelle Grace Livingston Hill 2000
Reckless Heart Dee Austin 2000
Tourist Attractions Molly J. Ringle 2000
Talking it Over Julian Barnes 2000
Engaging Men Lynda Curnyn 2000
Sweet Grass Dee Marvine 2000
Cotillion Georgette Heyer 2000
Savage Destiny Cassie Edwards 2000
True Blue Forever Joyce Sterling Scarbrough 2000
A Minor Indiscretion Carole Matthews 2000
Pearl Harbor 1941 Nancy Holder 2000
The Maiden and Her Knight Margaret Moore 2000
Just Over the Mountain Robyn Carr 2000
At the Corner of Love and Heartache Curtiss Ann Matlock 2000
Eternal Triangle Alexandra Adams 2000
The Last Chance Cafe Linda Lael Miller 2000
StarCrossed Hearts Anne Carter 2000
Chasing Horses Christy Tillery French 2000
Big Stone Gap Adriana Trigiani 2000
As You Desire Connie Brockway 2000
Spitting Feathers Kelly Harte 2000
Babe in Toyland Eugenie Seifer Olson 2000
Speechless Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout 2000
The Wife of Reilly Jennifer Coburn 2000
Caribbean Charade Louise Perry 2000
Calling Romeo Alexandra Potter 2000
Knave of Hearts Philippa Carr 2000
My Favorite Husband Pam McCutheon 2000
A Journey to Here Margaret Johnson-Hodge 2000
Dream Train Charlotte Vale Allen 2000
The Last Year of Being Single Sarah Tucker 2000
Sleepless in Savannah Rita Herron 2000
As Seen on TV Sarah Mlynowski 2000
Lipsi's Daughter Patty Apostolides 2000

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