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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
A Way of Life Tom Howard 4000
How to be Good Nick Hornby 2000
April Rising Corene Lemaitre 2000
Diary of a Mad Old Man Junichiro Tanizaki 2000
Romola George Eliot 2000
When She Was Good Philip Roth 2000
All Families Are Psychotic Douglas Coupland 2000
The Corrections Jonathan Franzen 2000
Kingdom Wink John G. Carpenter 2000
Seize the Day Saul Bellow 2000
The Place of Stunted Ironwood Trees David P. Crandall 2000
The Big Book of Misunderstanding Jim Gladstone 2000
The Cross-Country Quilters Jennifer Chiaverini 2000
Kinship Theory Hester Kaplan 2000
Money, Love Brad Barkley 2000
Pierre, or, The Ambiguities Herman Melville 2000
The Longest Journey E.M. Forster 2000
Five Quarters of the Orange Joanne Harris 2000
The Blackwater Lightship Colm Toibin 2000
The Good People of New York Thisbe Nissen 2000
Entering Normal Anne LeClaire 2000
The Evolution of Jane Cathleen Schine 2000
The Bonesetter's Daughter Amy Tan 2000
A Death in the Family James Agee 2000
Open House Elizabeth Berg 2000
Bleak House Charles Dickens 2000
Dombey and Son Charles Dickens 2000
She's Come Undone Wally Lamb 2000
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Rebecca Wells 2000
Rosie Anne Lamott 2000
Rabbit At Rest John Updike 2000
Hamlet William Shakespeare 2000
Bagthorpes V. the World - Bagthorpe Saga 4 Helen Cresswell 2000
The Reptile Room - A Series of Unfortunate Events 2 Lemony Snicket 2000
Blue of Noon Georges Bataille 2000
Second Chances Marianne Barron 2000
Last Summer At Barebones Diane Baker Mason 2000
Captain Saturday Robert Inman 2000
Texasville Larry McMurtry 2000
Going Home Samuel Alesich 2000
Ground Cover Edith S. Marks 2000
The Fifth Child Doris Lessing 2000
Cinnamon V.C. Andrews 2000
Ice V.C. Andrews 2000
Cropper's Cabin Jim Thompson 2000
In My Sister's Country Lise Haines 2000
Midnight Champagne A. Manette Ansay 2000
Honey V.C. Andrews 2000
Think Of England Alice Eliott Dark 2000
Eye Of The Storm V.C. Andrews 2000

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