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Homesick Jenny Lauren 2000
Facing Me Stephanie S. Sawyer 2000
Out of the Darkness Sheila MacDonald 2000
Lucky Man Michael J. Fox 2000
Fighting Back Rocky Bleier 2000
Shattered Lives: Finding Hope in the Midst of Alzheimers and Other Related Dementia Ellen Childress 2000
One Man's Leg Paul Martin 2000
Home In One Piece John Thompson and Paula Crain Grosinger 2000
Journey to Well (Learning to Live After Spinal Cord Injury) Margie Williams 2000
Listening With My Heart Heather Whitestone 2000
Still Me Christopher Reeve 2000
It Happened to Nancy Anonymous 2000
Preoccupied With Danger: A Nuclear Reaction John B. Jaymes 2000
I Never Held You Ellen M. DuBois 2000
The Diving Bell and The Butterfly: A Memoir of Life in Death Jean-Dominique Bauby 2000
My Left Foot Christy Brown 2000
Saved by the Light Dannion Brinkley 2000
At Peace in the Light Dannion Brinkley 2000
Blue Remembered Hills Rosemary Sutcliff 2000
Waiting for the Morning: a Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Alzheimer's Disease Brenda Parris Sibley 2000
Growing Up with Scoliosis Michelle Spray 2000
Change Me Into Zeus's Daughter Barbara Robinette 2000
A New Creature C. Wayne Winkle 2000
Not By Accident: Reconstructing a Careless Life Samantha Dunn 2000
Why Is She Smiling? William J. Schauman 2000
Hanging by a String Marilyn Gibson 2000
Denial of the Soul M. Scott Peck 2000
No Laughing Matter Joseph Heller 2000
Twisting In The Wind Heather Skelton 2000
What Remains Carole Radziwill 2000
Bald as a Bean: The Experience of Sudden Hair Loss Nancy Parsons 2000
Sex, Scars and a Superheroine with Scoliosis Kremena 2000
I Remember Running : The Year I Got Everything I Ever Wanted-and ALS Darcy Wakefield 2000
My Friend Leonard James Frey 2000
Unbearable Lightness Portia de Rossi 2000
The Voice of Victory Wayne P. Messmer 2000
Not Fade Away: A Short Life Well Lived Peter Barton 2000
Sickened Julie Gregory 2000
No Excuses Kyle Maynard 2000
The Story Of My Life Helen Keller 2000
Riding with Lance Armstrong Landry Webmaster 2000
Caddy for Life: The Bruce Edwards Story John Feinstein 2000
Days of Grace Arthur Ashe 1800
Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom 1600
Blood Brothers Michael Weisskopf 1400
Blind Faith Dennis Love and Stacy Brown 1400
The Heroic Symphony Anna Harwell Celenza 1200
It's Not About the Bike Lance Armstrong 1100
Remember Laughter - A Life of James Thurber Neil A. Grauer 1000
Letters to Jenny Piers Anthony 1000

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