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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Wedding Ultimatum Helen Biachin 2000
The Mother's Day Garden Kimberly Cates 2000
The MacKenzies: Jared Ana Leigh 2000
Green Calder Grass Janet Dailey 2000
Always Timmothy B. McCann 2000
The Indigo Blade Linda Jones 2000
Someone Like Him Karen Kendall 2000
For the First Time Kathryn Smith 2000
A Garden in the Rain Lynn Kurland 2000
Once in a Lifetime Gwynne Forster 2000
Welcome the Morning Bobby Hutchinson 2000
True Love (and Other Lies) Whitney Gaskell 2000
A Journey to Here Margaret Johnson-Hodge 2000
The Maid of The White Hands Rosalind Miles 2000
Fugitive Heart Emily Mesta 2000
Desire's Bride Teresa Howard 2000
A Little Bit Wicked Victoria Alexander 2000
On the Way to the Wedding Julia Quinn 2000
Lord of the Isles Amanda Scott 2000
Another Dawn Sandra Brown 2000
Third Time's The Charm Kristin Gabriel 2000
Island of Flowers Nora Roberts 2000
Partners in Parenthood Raina Lynn 1400
The Beaux of Bayley Dell Dorothea Donley 1200
The Wicked Games of a Gentleman Jillian Hunter 1000
As Seen on TV Sarah Mlynowski 1000
The Wedding Escape Karyn Monk 1000
Chase the Wind Cindy Holby 1000
Belle and the Beau Beverly Jenkins 1000
At the Corner of Love and Heartache Curtiss Ann Matlock 1000
Brighter Than the Sun Julia Quinn 1000
Captive Joan Johnston 1000
The Heir Johanna Lindsey 1000
Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice Kimberly Raye 800
Ride A Dark Horse Laura Moore 800
Hissy Fit Mary Kay Andrews 800
An Accidental Greek Wedding Carol Grace 600
The Circle of a Promise Helen A. Rosburg 600
The Boy Next Door Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees 600
Easy Freedom Liz Berry 600
On the Night of the Seventh Moon Victoria Holt 200

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