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The Yellow Wallpaper Charlotte Perkins Gilman 8000
Cage of Stars Jacquelyn Mitchard 8000
Into the Woods V.C. Andrews 8000
Sea Music Sarah MacDonald 8000
Checkers John Marsden 8000
Beloved Stranger Clare Boylan 8000
A Corner of the Universe Ann M. Martin 8000
Hangover Square: a Novel of Darkest Earl's Court Patrick Hamilton 8000
Forrest Gump Winston Groom 8000
Crank Ellen Hopkins 8000
The White Hotel D.M. Thomas 8000
Heaven's Tears Louis Basantes 8000
The Doctor is Sick Anthony Burgess 8000
Birdy William Wharton 8000
Mr. Sandman Barbara Growdy 8000
Hidden Grace Gar Roper 8000
King of the Pygmies Jonathon Scott Fuqua 8000
Survival of a Catholic Schoolgirl Janice Haas Kasten 8000
Daddy's Girls Suzanne Gold 8000
The Missing World Margot Livesey 8000
Getting Life Julie Shaw Cole 8000
Nausea Jean-Paul Sartre 8000
She's Come Undone Wally Lamb 8000
The Gift of Hurt Pamela Crabtree 8000
Humming Whispers Angela Johnson 8000
The Underground Man Mick Jackson 8000
The Alcoholics Jim Thompson 8000
Freak the Mighty Rodman Philbrick 8000
Jeremy's Prophecy Dot Com : An Interactive Novel Keith Kimmel 8000
What's Wrong With Dorfman? John Blumenthal 8000
The Last White Family on Dorchester Road M. Lennon Perricone 8000
Herzog Saul Bellow 8000
The Last Train Home Wayne Bryant 8000
Glorious Failure Ben Jonjak 8000
Pop. 1280 Jim Thompson 8000
In Her Shoes Jennifer Weiner 8000
The Prince of Tides Pat Conroy 8000
The Royal Game Stefan Zweig 8000
The Cornstalk Man Daniel Crocker 8000
Three Thirds Joseph Sullivan 8000
Wonder When You'll Miss Me Amanda Davis 8000
Woman on the Edge of Time Marge Piercy 8000
Lisa, Bright and Dark: A Novel John Neufeld 8000
The Center of Winter Marya Hornbacher 8000
I Am the Cheese Robert Cormier 8000
Nothing Left to Lose Josh Farkas 8000
Angels Turn Their Backs Margaret Buffie 8000
Summer of Glorious Madness Christy Yorke 8000
From Where I'm Standing Nikki Thomas 8000
In Dark Minds Angela Hooper 8000

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