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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Dead Aim Iris Johansen 10000
Tell No Tales Michael P. Higgins 10000
The Cassandra Compact Robert Ludlum 10000
Last Light Andy McNab 10000
Blood Lake K.J.A. Wishnia 10000
The Logan Factor Vincent Scuro 10000
The Legacy D.W. Buffa 10000
Rain Fall Barry Eisler 10000
Rogue Warrior : Red Cell Richard Marcinko 10000
The Secret Masters Gerald Kersh 10000
Day Of Wrath Iris Collier 10000
A Game Of Spies John Altman 10000
Rules of the Hunt Victor O'Reilly 10000
Fat Tuesday Sandra Brown 10000
Crush Samuel E. Stone 10000
White Jazz James Ellroy 10000
Dark Rivers of the Heart Dean Koontz 10000
Enemy Within Robert K. Tanenbaum 10000
The Gospel Of Judas Simon Mawer 10000
The Procon Conspiracy Nathan S. Mitchell 10000
Forty Words For Sorrow Giles Blunt 10000
The Rhinemann Exchange Robert Ludlum 10000
Kiss Me While I Sleep Linda Howard 10000
Third Option Vince Flynn 10000
The Old Man and the Bay...Guantanamo Bay: A Novel F. Scott Sinclair 10000
The Upright Man Michael Marshal 10000
The Janson Directive Robert Ludlum 10000
Nano John Robert Marlow 10000
Deception Point Dan Brown 10000
The First 48 Tim Green 10000
Only in America John Stoltez 10000
SPQR V111: The River God's Vengeance John Maddox Roberts 10000
The Orion Protocol Gary Tigerman 10000
The Eleventh Commandment Jeffrey Archer 10000
Get Out or Die Jane Finnis 10000
Black Sheep R.J. Kaiser 10000
Spear Doug Hewitt 10000
Little Brother Cory Doctorow 10000
The Mission Song John Le Carre 10000
The Collectors David Baldacci 10000
To The Brink Cindy Gerard 10000
Vanish Tess Gerritsen 10000
Mute Brad Steel 10000
Desperate Measures David Morrell 10000
Little Green Men Christopher Buckley 10000
The Traynor Legacy David Stinson 10000
Lost Lake Phillip Margolin 10000
The Executioner's Game Gary Hardwick 10000
O Jerusalem Laurie R. King 10000
Wildcard Rachel Lee 10000

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