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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Cover of Night Linda Howard 5000
4th and Fixed Reggie Rivers 5000
Brighton Rock Graham Greene 5000
Cut and Run Ridley Pearson 5000
The Prince of Beverly Hills Stuart Woods 5000
Paradise City Lorenzo Carcaterra 5000
Bourbon and Bliss: A Palmer Morel Mystery Larry Rochelle 5000
Dating Dead Men Harley Jane Kozak 5000
Joey Dee Gets Wise Louisa Ermelino 5000
Impulse Catherine Coulter 5000
Decoy Jasmine Cresswell 5000
Shady Lady Elizabeth Thornton 5000
Oyster Blues Michael McClelland 5000
After Havana Charles Fleming 5000
The Con Man's Daughter Ed Dee 5000
Moon & Muldoon James David Buchanan 5000
The Kill Fee Laura Van Wormer 5000
Last Car to Elysian Fields James Lee Burke 5000
Cut and Run Jeff Abbott 5000
When Sparrows Fall Tim Hancock 5000
Lair of the Dragon Frederick Price 5000
Dead Run Bill Craig 5000
Medusa Skye Kathleen Moody 5000
The Ultimate Paradigm Michael C. Rudasill 5000
American Tabloid James Ellroy 5000
Dark Delivery Stephen J. Clark 5000
The Angel of Montague Street Norman Green 5000
The Works of the Flesh R. Troyan Krause 5000
Darkside of Debonair - The Bushmeat Trade Barbara Davis 5000
Checkmate by Deception Breida Blik 5000
Jackpot Bay Martin Hegwood 5000
The Spy Who Loved Me Ian Fleming 5000
The Bad Witness Laura Van Wormer 5000
Omerta Mario Puzo 5000
Fatal Truth Robin Burcell 5000
Deadly Embrace Jackie Collins 5000
Black River G.M. Ford 5000
Something Borrowed, Something Black Loren D. Estleman 5000
Changing Woman Aimee and David Thurlo 5000
Mobtown Jack Kelly 5000
Digger Joseph Flynn 5000
Rat Edward Keyes 5000
Rage of Angels Sidney Sheldon 5000
Deal With The Dead Les Standiford 5000
High Five Janet Evanovich 5000
The Midnight Club James Patterson 5000
The Gold Coast Nelson DeMille 5000
Red Harvest Dashiell Hammett 5000
Timothy's Game Lawrence Sanders 5000
Plague of Terror William Muller 5000

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