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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
The Door Within Wayne Thomas Batson 2000
Midnight Falcon David Gemmell 2000
The Sword Deborah Chester 2000
The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf Gerald Morris 2000
The Balllad of Sir Dinadan Gerald Morris 2000
Parsifal's Page Gerald Morris 2000
Vanity of Vanities Martin Bertram 2000
Eye of Fortune Denise R. Graham 2000
The Knight Gene Wolfe 2000
Schism Catherine Asaro 2000
The Secret of Shabaz Jennifer Macaire 2000
The Wanderer Cherry Wilder and Katya Reimann 2000
The New Kid at School - Dragon Slayers Academy 1 Kate McMullen 2000
Page - Protector of the Small 2 Tamora Pierce 2000
The Runelords David Farland 2000
The Swords of Night and Day David Gemmell 2000
True Knight: The Warhorse of Esdragon 3 Susan Dexter 2000
Dawning of a New Age Jean Rabe 2000
First Test - Protector of the Small 1 Tamora Pierce 2000
Page Tamora Pierce 2000
Brothers in Arms Margaret Weiss and Don Perrin 2000
Dragons of Spring Dawning - Dragonlance Chronicles 3 Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman 2000
Dragons of Autumn Twilight - Dragonlance Chronicles 1 Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman 2000
Dragons of Winter Night - Dragonlance Chronicles 2 Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman 2000
A Two-Edged Sword Thomas K. Martin 2000
Devlin's Luck - Sword of Change 1 Patricia Bray 2000
A Feral Darkeness Doranna Durgin 2000
Monstrous Regiment Terry Pratchett 2000
Lady Knight - Protector of the Small 4 Tamora Pierce 2000
The Assassins of Tamurin S.D. Tower 2000
Talon of the Silver Hawk Raymond E. Feist 2000
The Ill-Made Knight T.H. White 2000
Elfshadow Elaine Cunningham 2000
Joust Mercedes Lackey 2000
In the Service of Samurai Gloria Oliver 2000
Assassin's Apprentice - Farseer Trilogy 1 Robin Hobb 2000
The Hero and the Crown Robin McKinley 2000
The Blue Sword Robin McKinley 2000
Fortress Draconis - DragonCrown War Cycle 1 Michael A. Stackpole 2000
Wolverine's Daughter Doranna Durgin 2000
The Spirit Of Thunder Kurt R.A. Giambastiani 2000
The Castle of Llyr Lloyd Alexander 2000
Alanna: The First Adventure - Song of the Lioness 1 Tamora Pierce 2000
Brother John Rutledge Etheridge 2000
The Deed of Paksenarrion Elizabeth Moon 2000
Clash of Kings George R.R. Martin 2000
The Mabinogion Gwyn and Thomas Jones 2000
Redwall - Redwall 1 Brian Jacques 2000
The Prince of Shadows - Seven Brothers 1 Curt Benjamin 2000
In the Hand of the Goddess - Song of the Lioness 2 Tamora Pierce 2000

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