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In the second installment of the series, the Princess Rhian fights power hungry nobles for her right to rule the kingdom as Queen. In Rivera, capital of Ethrea, a walled island kingdom, the king is dying. The only royal to be left is Rhian, his daughter as both his sons died. She wishes to be queen but the country hasn't ever been led by a queen.
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Meanwhile, the toymaker, Dexterity Jones, is selling toys to the noblewomen. He is saved from harassment by Rhian, to whom he offers words of comfort for her situation. The head of religion, Prolate Marlan wants to incorporate religion into government, ensuring a highly influential place for him.

Dex leaves the palace and in his home, has visions of Hettie, his dead wife. She says she's God's messenger and warns him of danger Ethrea will be in. She tells him to assist Rhian. Ursa, the village physick and Dex's friend, doesn't believe him.

Hettie returns and instructs him to illegally buy a slave with blue hair.

Meanwhile, Rhian is kept under strict observation by Marlan's nephew, Chaplain Helfred. He's a good, simple and awkward man in comparison to Marlan.

Dex goes the next morning to get the slave, revealed to be Zandakar, and with Ursa's help, nurses him back to health. They know he's undergone something traumatic due to his nightmares.

In the palace, Marlan, revealed to be an atheist, delves in politics, pressuring the king to relinquish his authority to the council. During a council meeting, he informs Rhian that she must choose a man to marry. He wants Rulf to be chosen as he can rule the kingdom through him since he is family. Alasdair, her childhood crush, isn't on the list. Rhian delays the choice and the king passes.

Soon, she and Dex meet. He comforts her and they discuss what to do. She decides to go to Duchy Linoi, where Alasdair resides, in order to marry him and become queen.

In Mijak, the warhost has reached the desert but cannot pass. It's said demons are killing the warriors. Hekat and Dimmi don't get along and she turns to Vortka to return Zandakar. He tells her he sent their son away because Dimmi tried killing him twice. After an emotional moment, Vortka agrees to punish Dimmi for being unable to cross the desert.

In Ethrea, Zandakar and Dex made progress in communication and learning about one another. Eventually, after convincing the council she need more time to think of a marriage candidate, the princess leaves for Todding with Helfred and her maid, Dinsy. Dex, Ursa and Zandakar follow to rescue her from there. When Marlan visits her, he abuses her, pressuring her to choose Rulf as a candidate.

Then, Dex learns that Zandakar prays to a being named Chalava. Afterwards, they take the princess and leave for Duchy Linoi. During the travels, Rhian becomes attracted to Zandakar and learns fighting from him.

Rhian tells Dex she's to marry Alasdair and her plan, to which he's shocked. Soon, they are attacked by robbers and they witness Zandakar's frightening fighting skills.

Finally, they reach Duchy Linoi and are greeted by a surprised Alasdair.

In Mijak, Hekat leads the warriors, to Dimmi's dismay, to the dessert and sacrifices thousands of slaves in the desert. They pass safely.
In Ethrea, Alastir agrees to the plan but doesn't trust Zandakar. Helfred agrees to marry Rhian and Alasdair. They marry. Ludo, Alastir's cousin, is made duke of Linoi.

Zandakar tells Dex about his troubled past after being forced and Rhian continues training. All four nobles come to Linoi and are outraged after learning about Rhian's marriage. As they argue, Dex comes into the room, illuminated blue and becomes a prophet. He warns everyone of a disaster to come.

Hettie shows him a vision of the past, where Dimmi has conquered a city. He's unhappy to see the bloodshed and malicious of the warhost.
In the capital, Marlan accuses the council members, including Linoi, of plotting and places three members in jail.

In Linoi, tension begins between Rhian and Alastir. Two dukes support her and two dukes don't leaving for the capital. Everyone agrees to go to the capital and on the way, Dex heals a dying boy, gaining respect for himself and Queen Rhian.

In the capital, Marlan speaks with outraged dukes and he forms a plan of revenge. Ambassador Lai of Tzhung-tzhungchai subtly warns Marlan that they are watching the internal strife.

Upon reaching the capital and staying at an inn, an assassin is sent for Rhian but she kills him instead. He was Marlan's loyal man. Helfred receives a message from God and knows he's to confront Marlan.

He leaves for the palace and is thrown in jail by Marlan for defiance. There, he meets the council members who are weary and not in the right state of mind.

Rhian and company move towards the palace and are stopped by the King's guard and Marlan, with Helfred on a donkey. Chaos ensues and is halted by the prophet and miracle maker, Dex, who Marlan defies. After touching Dex, Marlan dies. Helfred is chosen as the next Prolate.

The next day, Rhian converses with her council when Emperor Han of Tzuhung-tzuhungchai visits unexpectedly. Zandakar is summoned and the conquest of Mijak is exposed. Han wishes to speak with Rhian.

In Mijak, the warhost has reached Icthia. The ocean separates them from other nations and Hekat vows to rule the world with her son, Zandakar.
Best part of story, including ending: It is a contrast to the first novel because of the European medieval way of life and the political struggles that require words to fight.

Best scene in story: The scene between Hekat and Vortka shows how much more she loves Zandakar than Dimmi and that despite her arrogance, Vortka is still in love with her and is willing to stand up to her.

Opinion about the main character: Rhian is incredibly similar to Hekat but is not as selfish. Her ambition to rule as a Queen is constantly questioned by men and she stands her ground.

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