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Plot Summary Part 2

The slavers regain control of the ship and tie everyone up. Eventually they arrive at a Caribbean island called St. Helena where Meena is sold to Robinson Appleby. Appleby, who would later start a chain of popular burger restaurants up and down the east and west coast, at the time ran an indigo plantation. Indigo was used to dye clothes.

Meena at first worked for a light skinned black man named Mamed. Mamed had a white daddy and a black mommie, but here, if you are part black, you are all slave. Still, Mamed is a slave supervisor, so he is a higher class slave. He is even permitted to live in a shack and read books! Mamed secretly teaches Meena how to read and write.

Meena meets a slave named Georgia who kindly infects Meena with smallpox. Meena gets very sick for a month. But when she recovers, she is immune from smallpox. Georgia helps deliver babies and takes Meena along. Meena, who learned how to reach into ladies' v_ginas from her Mom, helps in the same way.

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Meena learns how dye is made. All the slaves urinate into big vats and their slave piss is mixed with the indigo, and the vats are heated and stirred. You might say the slaves all had vat-sectomies.

From time to time Chekura, the slave who helped the slavers enslave Meena, comes to visit at night (he works on another plantation). Meena's v_gina became like Niagara falls whenever she saw him: "We held each other longer each time he came to visit. Something stirred deep down in my belly and between my legs".

When Massa Appleby finds out about Chekura's visits, he decides to bone Meena as punishment.  Meena wishes he had lubricated his p_nis so he could slide more easily in and out of her v_gina.  "His breath quickened, he gave out a wild squeal, and he was finished. When he slid out of me, I felt like everything inside me was draining out."

After Massa Appleby left, another slave came by and said, "Here, have some sweetness!" and shoved an orange in her mouth.

Georgia her slave friend gave her a homemade abortion drug which caused Meena to start bleeding from her v_gina.

Then sometime later Chekura got Meena pregnant.  "I brought his hungry lips to mine and took him deep inside my body." Meena called sex with Chekura "jumping the broom". I guess that's a euphemism for riding up and down on his p_nis, heh heh.

Meena notices her breasts were getting larger. She secretly marries Chekura.

Massa Appleby is very angry that Meena had sex and got pregnant without permission. This I do not understand.  He expected his slaves to be chaste? Was he running a monastery? Surely the slaves had sex with each other all the time. His reaction doesn't make any sense.

But anyway he was angry about Meena's pregnancy, and has her stripped nude in front of everyone and her clothes burned and her hair shaved off (the hair on her head--not down there!)

When Meena's baby is born, Massa Appleby sells it to someone else. Meena is so upset that she refuses to work. Eventually Appleby sells her to a new Massa, named Solomon Lindo.

Solomon Lindo, as we are told about 150 times in this book, is a Jew. He takes Meena to another island and treats her nicely, more like a servant than a slave. She has free run of the town, without supervision--before she was never permitted to leave the plantation. Meena is never beaten. She is even permitted to earn money for herself, as long as she shares some of it with Lindo. Lindo teaches her math and accounting so she can balance his books. He also gives her books to read, and saves some money up.

But Meena misses Chekura. Meena has sex dreams about Chekura, waking up at night "wet between the legs". Maybe she needs to masturbate more often.

Suddenly Chekura arrives. His Massa sent him to this island to run an errand. Somehow he finds out Meena is there. They have wild sex, "jumping the broom" again, heh heh heh. "Chekura arched and slid deep inside me... I shook and shuddered as my husband spilled himself deep inside me and we cried out together.

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