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Jewish people make the best slave masters.  No one wants to be a slave. But if you absolutely have to be a slave to someone, Jewish people make the very best slave masters. They don't beat you, they allow you to shop freely around town and earn money, and they give you good books to read, and later, if they're feeling guilty, they will even free you from slavery, like Lindo did. And you also get bagels, lox, cream cheese, and only the best corned beef.

 Women can tell by their orgasms if they're pregnant. Meena says she knows by the way Chekura's penis slides in and out of her and how he shudders in orgasm that she is pregnant.  There must be some orgasmic vibration she can interpret that tells her she is pregnant. Who needs a home pregnancy test when you're as orgasm-attuned as Meena?

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 Being an African Muslim woman is only slightly better than being enslaved. Being a slave is horrible. But being a Muslim woman in Africa is only slightly better. They cut off big parts of your vagina. They sell you to a man who may already have other wives. You become his property and have to do as he says--in effect, you become his slave. It was not good that Meena became a slave, but she was enslaved just before her mother was about to mutilate her vagina with a razor blade.

Blacks enslaved other blacks. The story starts with black people enslaving other blacks. This was quite common in Africa as blacks would go inland to capture other blacks. Without the help of black people, there would have been no slaves in America. Should black people perhaps pay reparations to themselves?

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