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Plot Summary Part 2

Maddox continues to be a control freak. When Bean asks for Cheetos and orange soda for lunch, Maddox gives her Pringles potato chips and coca cola, telling her that these are much better things to eat. Once again Maddox is controlling Bean for her own good.

Maddox is interested in Bean's body. He notices she is growing hair in her armpits and touches it. Maddox says his interest was purely clinical. He says he has to watch Bean's physical development because when Bean starts bleeding from her vagina she may want a day off from work. He makes it sound very reasonable, as if he has no interest in boning Bean, but Bean starts wondering if Maddox is a pedophile.

Maddox offers to pay them directly to bank accounts he set up for them with their names on it. But Maddox's name is on their accounts too, so he can deposit money into their accounts. Liz agrees to this arrangement but Bean does not, and she continues to be paid directly. Perhaps Bean realizes that if Maddox's name is on the account, he can not only deposit money but also withdraw it as well.

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Sure enough, when Liz goes to withdraw her money she finds it all gone. Maddox says he has put the money into treasury bills which will pay more interest, but the money will not be available for a year. He tells Liz it's for her own good.

Liz gets angry and goes to Maddox to demand her money. She comes home later that night and said that Maddox tried to bone her.

Here's the part that's confusing and made no sense. Maddox, angry that Liz was demanding money, had her go into his car and then found another guy named Wayne to drive his car for him while he sat in the back seat with Liz. His plan was to bone Liz in the back while Wayne drove in the front. Why would Maddox create a situation where there would be a witness to his raping Liz? It makes absolutely no sense.

Anyway, Liz escapes and Maddox does not bone her and Wayne agrees to testify on her behalf if she presses charges.

Maddox's wife, Doris, comes over and accuses Liz of trying to seduce Maddox. Liz presses charges against Maddox and he is charged with assault.

Maddox starts harassing them, leaving his garbage on their front lawn, and chasing them in his car and driving really fast as he goes by them, as if he would run them down. Why do they not report this to the police? Totally unknown.

Meanwhile at school Liz is being treated like a whore.

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