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Okonkwo: Okonkwo is a violent African man who likes to punch and kill with his machete. He has three wives and defends traditional African values from the white man. He hated his father Unoka for being a lazy son of a bitch and as an overreaction, Okonkwo is violent towards anyone he considers lazy or shirking their duty. His specialty is killing people. He does it very well.


Unoka: Okonkwo's dad. He was lazy and constantly in debt.


Obierika: Okonkwo's best friend. Okonkwo's best friend burns down Okonkwo's house and drives him out of town. What are best friends for? Heh heh.


Evil Forest: Evil Forest is a village elder who hears disputes in the village. It is truly bizarre that villagers listen to someone called "Evil". When he talks he claims to be the ghost of someone else, acting through his body.

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Nwoye: Okonkwo's son. He becomes a Christian and Okonkwo wants to beat the crap out of him.


Ikemefuna: Ikemefuna was a hostage provided by a neighboring village. Okonkwo adopted him until the village decided it was time to kill Ikemefuna, which Okonkwo did himself.

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