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Astrid is a young girl with a psychopathic poet for a mom named Ingrid. Astrid asks about her father but Ingrid tells her she has no father.

Ingrid gets banged by a guy named Barry and falls in love. One day Ingrid drops by his house and finds out he has a date with someone else. He has time, however, to bone Ingrid, so he quickly sticks his p_nis in her and then pushes her out the front door.

I find this very interesting. Why would Ingrid agree to be boned by Barry when she knows he is about to be boning another woman just a few minutes later? That is very, very, very odd.

Barry's new girlfriend is young and blonde. She sounds really hot.

Anyway Ingrid is angry that Barry is boning another woman. She breaks into his house and destroys his computer. Then she breaks into his house again and does more vandalism, leaving white oleanders, the symbol of Ingrid, all over the place.

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Barry comes to Ingrid's house very angry and Ingrid stabs him in the arm with a knife. Barry realizes that she is a psychopath stalking him and offers to make up with her. But when Ingrid comes over with a bottle of wine and the urge to be boned, Barry refuses to let her in. He just wants to "be friends."

Ingrid finds this intolerable, buys some poison in Mexico, and kills Barry.

Ingrid gets arrested and sent to jail for the murder of Barry, and Astrid gets sent to the first of many foster homes. In the first one she finds a girl going through her diary so sticks her with a knife, just like Ingrid liked to do.

Astrid's second foster Mom is a lady named Starr who persuades her to become baptized. In a letter from prison Ingrid is outraged that Astrid has become a religious Christian.

Starr has a boyfriend named "Uncle Ray" (no relation to anyone) and Starr is worried that he might be banging Astrid, even though Astrid is only 14 years old.

Astrid promises that she isn't banging Uncle Ray and REASSURES Starr that she has ABSOLUTELY NO sexual interest in him. Once Starr is reassured, Astrid immediately has sex with Uncle Ray. Heh heh heh.

Uncle Ray has no problem having sex with a 14 year old.

In a letter from prison, Ingrid is outraged that Astrid is having sex with an older man. She thinks Astrid should be having sex with a young boy. Lost in this debate is whether a 14 year old should be having sex at all.

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