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jaeger posts on 6/1/2009 12:34:55 PM Would like 200.00 CAD for the lot. shipping would be extra
sw-c posts on 2/15/2009 8:32:26 PM Hi Jaegar What are you asking for them?
jaeger posts on 2/3/2009 12:32:57 AM Complete set of A J Quinnell paper back books for sale. Description & asking price will follow if Anyone interested?

big daddy posts on 7/25/2007 11:02:47 AM My beloved Uncle who is not online, recently asked me to try and find him these books; The Snap Shot, Blood Ties, Blue Ring and The Perfect Kill. In the process I picked up the movie tie-in Man On Fire and my favorite scene in it (the only I've read to date) is when Creasy is talking to the pilot who has agreed to drop him and his "para-wing" over the villa and referring to the Aussie who helped him get that far says something like "Who is he? Just a man... a man like you."
Andy posts on 5/13/2007 12:41:14 PM I was up at 4am Saturday for work, so I wasn't going to stay up until 3am the next day, so I recorded it and watched the film this morning! He was still ex-CIA, daughter called Samatha, (I was wrong) she does live, based in Italy but doesn't go to Gozo etc. Darker, moodier and different from the later version but still worth watching. Enjoyable.
Andy posts on 5/12/2007 5:00:16 PM I'm going to record it, so I can watch it was many years ago when I last saw it, so I'll gladly stand corrected on any failings due to old age!
gozomark posts on 5/12/2007 2:38:45 PM Andy - I've never seen the 1987 film, but my understanding is that she doesn't die. I spoke to PN about the film before the new one came out, and he told me the film was a real mess, having gone through several rewrites, and that the director hadn't read the book. PN turned up at the shooting on the last day - the girl was in the scenes, and PN asked the director how late in the film this scene was - he said almost the last scene - PN said "but why is she still alive" the director said "what do you mean ?" - PN then explained what the book was all about, and the director apologised ! The film was so difficult to follow that PN was drafted in to do a voiceover, and got paid more for that than the original payment for the use of the book !
Andy posts on 5/12/2007 1:53:58 PM Man On Fire film (1987) the original version is being shown on British television on FILM4 which is Freeview 29, Sky 315 & Virgin 444 at 1.10am Sunday 13th May. This is not as slick as the recent version but it does stick a lot closer to the book...she dies, etc! It stars Scott Glenn, Danny Aiello and Joe Pesci
Andy posts on 5/5/2007 8:23:36 AM If you look up Tony Mortlock you will find a fascinating site with in-depth detail and a special story by AJ to read with an optional donation to his charity. I highly recommend looking him up and yes, I am envious of him having Priests of a dead God but Tony is a really nice guy.
Andy posts on 4/28/2007 4:22:52 PM Trish: Priests of a dead God was never completed, but a certain Tony Mortlock from singapore does have a copy or THE copy when he visited P.N. shortly prior to his death. Barbara: He wasn't exactly a recluse, I managed to meet up with P.N. and his very lovely wife after writing letters c/o Gleneagles, who signed all 10 books for me whilst we sat by Gozo habour having a fantastic meal.
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