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basketball gal posts on 4/21/2005 6:10:39 PM I LOVED Things Not Seen! He should write a sequel!
Sam Abbott posts on 4/21/2005 4:57:04 PM Hello, My name is Sam Abbott. I go to Wes-Del Elementary and participate in Book Club. I love your books and would just like to say thank-you for writing them for kids. I have one question. Do you think that you will write a sequel to Things Not Seen? I really hope that you do. You are an amazing writer and I look up to you. Sam Abbott
Mrs. Bernstein posts on 4/20/2005 7:22:04 PM My third graders and their parents met yesterday afternoon, after school, to have a Book Talk about Andrew Clement's novel Frindle. The children wrote the discussion questions and the responses from the parents and children showed insight and comprehension. The author would have been proud to hear his book under discussion by these youngsters.

Michael Jung posts on 4/6/2005 4:26:26 PM I just got a chance to meet Andrew Clements at a Book Festival last week, and he ended up answering some questions that were posted on this board. Before becoming an author, Andrew Clements worked as a teacher and a copywriter (a person who writes things like letters and catalogs for businesses). One day his boss asked him to re-write a German picture book and Clements' version of it ended up becoming his first book. He's been writing ever since -- mostly picture books and first, but later chapter books like Frindle. Andrew Clements' favorite objects include frindles (fountain pens) and 16-pound Webster's Dictionaries (he likes the sound they make when they hit the ground) Michael
Kelli Drye posts on 4/6/2005 9:53:50 AM My 2nd graders are writing letters to Andrew Clements. Is there an address I could send them to? Thanks
Michael Jung posts on 3/31/2005 10:13:37 PM Say, do you know that Andrew Clements will be talking at the Arizona Book Festival this Saturday? One of his books -- Frindle -- was chosen as the One Book Arizona for Kids so he'll be honored for it at the festival! He'll be signing autographs and talking to kids from 10:30am-11:30am. If anyone from Arizona wants to come, the address for the festival is: Carnegie Center 1101 W. Washington Street, Phoenix
mollee steely posts on 3/29/2005 5:30:50 PM Hi I am mollee steely from cabot, Arkansas.My favorite book is AWeek in the Woods.I am doing a project for reading.It is were you have to tell about a author.I chose you.Iwas wondering if you can give me a summery of your life or career.
Amanda posts on 3/29/2005 1:54:32 PM Hi i would like to know what your e-mail is because I'm studing you for school. I love your books. what were you before you became a writter? Your a very good writter!! from, Amanda
samantha posts on 3/19/2005 11:07:46 PM Im am doing project on andrew clements and im woundering what his is fav. color was
megan posts on 3/13/2005 9:53:53 PM im doing a project on him and i was wondering if anyone new his favorite place or favorite objects
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