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laura posts on 11/28/2005 7:24:03 PM Can someone PLEASE give me a summary of Ann Rice's Vampire Lestat book because I am extremely pressed with time and truly enjoy the book but do not have enough time to get through it. Please help!
Kayla posts on 11/28/2005 10:09:34 AM Im like in love with all of Anne Rice's vampire cronicles.
Marilyn posts on 11/5/2005 6:52:23 PM When you pray that God will save a soul and use that talent for his glory it is a great day to see that prayer answered.

Gordon F. Terry posts on 11/3/2005 9:39:33 AM Someone who can contact Anne Rice please relay my comment. Anne Rice told the interviewer in Newsweek (11/7), she planned to use a plethora of Christian resources as partial foundation for her Christ novels. Please ask Anne for me to read, really, really read (in italics) the synoptic books of the KING JAMES BIBLE (Mat., Mark, Luke, and John) in addition to ACTS. Tell Her to Read not as chapter to chapter but read and meditate upon the text until the Holy Spirit reaveals to her the meaning of the text. The King James version, in its archaic use of the language, truely causes the mind, the flesh to receed and The Spirit to supercede or intercede our flesh. Ask Anne Rice to rend all of her religious ideals while she meditates over THE KING JAMES text (remember to stress this) with the words of Christ in Red, and "MEET" CHRIST on her human/spirit terms. thank you. Writing for God, means to expand God's Kingdom. Christ is God and in our Spirits, he sent The Holy Spirit as a comforter to us who believe and have faith. Thank you Anne Rice . . . you, I, and many others experienced a true Damascus experience (Acts chapter 9)
scarlettecho posts on 10/18/2005 1:04:25 PM Do you write poetry or short stories, why not come up with a story about a cutter yourself. Anne rice has always encouraged young writers to creat there own outlet for there stories. besides writing is a great way to vent your emotions .
Nicole posts on 10/17/2005 5:15:35 PM From what I hear she is done with the vampires. Blood Cantile would be her last. There were hints about a book on the Talamasca, but I haven't hear anymore.
Kairos posts on 10/17/2005 2:05:00 PM Anne, what are you doing for December 21, 2012? I was wondering if perhaps you might like to have a cup of Community coffee that day. Yours, Kairos
Joey Ledford posts on 10/17/2005 11:58:18 AM I am a very big fan of the vampire chronicals And I would like to Know if she is going to write some more?
Irissa Webb posts on 10/17/2005 9:51:14 AM I would like it if you would write about a cutter that dies then comes back to life to haunt the people that hurt her in any way. Even if it just a little book it would make me very happy. Thanks for taking your time to read my request.
Sue posts on 10/13/2005 2:02:18 PM she has made several comments on the "Official" website...if you go there you can read what she has to say about ALL the hurricane situations!
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