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Anna Lemaire posts on 10/13/2005 1:44:11 PM I was very fortunate to receive an advance copy of Anne's new book, CHRIST THE LORD: OUT OF EGYPT. It was great. While being a fictitious account of the childhood of Jesus Christ, she told the story with reverence & respect to Church teaching. I recommend it to all.
S Jacoby posts on 10/3/2005 6:45:25 PM Anne, I fell in love with the New Orleans you portrayed in The Witching Hour. But my logical mind reels at the accusations you have made. Our children are collecting money in the schools for Katrina victims. Our companies are collecting money from employees for Katrina victims. And yet not a word of that from you. New Orleans is a city below sea level with levees built for a category 3 hurricane, what do you expect! Did you spend any $$ yourselves shoring those up? And how can you expect others to stop your looters, rescue those who adamantly refused to leave, and so on. Your own police wouldn't stop the looters, they quit in droves instead. (is that our fault too?) I live in a dangerous earthquake area and I'll tell you, we have plans for what to do when disaster strikes (when, not if). Passing the buck has become an American pastime but I am very disappointed to see you jumping on the bandwagon. Don't let your love of the city blind you to the facts and the logic involved.
scarlettecho posts on 10/2/2005 12:28:14 AM can you here the violin music playing and stephen king interacts with his fans as does danielle steele. besides since this is a forum about anne rice's books. if yo like them try sherilynn kenyon the dark hunter seris and the christine feehan carpathian series another good choice that has been reccommanded by anne rice laurell hamilton. anita blke series and merry genty series

Brian Baxter Smith posts on 10/1/2005 11:48:04 PM Sandy, I agree. No other celebrity author has ever interacted with her fans this way -- we should be greatful and never do anything that might cause her to regret being so down to earth and familiar, so generous with her time and presence. I hope the negativity here hasn't driven her away for good.
amanda posts on 9/30/2005 12:22:56 AM Barb Franklin, re-read my last post. I didn't say you posted under those names, I said I was the one that did. Can I make that any clearer? I, amanda,posted under the following names: Barb Franklin, JT, Brian Baxter Smith, Jan, and Vanity123. Several of the posts that seemed to made by these people were actually posted by me. Are you happy now? And I never said you called anyone any names cause that was me calling people dummies. But you were mean to turn anyone away and that was why I did it. Insead you should encourage them to read Anne Rice's books. -- amanda
Sandy posts on 9/29/2005 7:51:41 PM It's really a shame so much nonsense has come to this board, mostly because Anne popped her head out to say hi. It's one of the things that separates her from so many other writers... and I have to say, if people could just act like relatively mature human beings we might see her pop out more often. Just a thought.
Barb Franklin posts on 9/29/2005 6:06:28 PM " Amanda " I didn't call anyone names ---and I didn't post messages under the names you listed either.
amanda posts on 9/29/2005 3:00:03 AM I just didn'like the way you were so mean to those people.Yeah, some people are stupid or mean but they are still people and have feelings.I guess I should have just said that to you directly instead of posting under your name.And yes,I also posted under several other names besides Barb Franklin (JT,Brian Baxter Smith,Jan, Vanity123, and i think thats it). I apologize to all the people bothered. But i still love my Elton john rinestone-stutted glasses!!!And i AIN'T gunna sell 'em on e-bay with an angel and an ARC!! Ha hA! ! ~amanda~ tHe OnE aNd OnLy
kornforever posts on 9/29/2005 2:41:13 AM ok 2 those people writing in other peoples names why dont you post under your own names or are you a gutless pricks voice your opinion under your own titles and quit causing kaos a peace agreement recomended ok
Barb Franklin posts on 9/28/2005 6:06:58 PM Hello all----If you care to look back "someone" got upset when I made a comment about people being here who were not Anne Rice fans. Then "someone" put out a post with my name on it which I did not author. I posted back using the name the real Barb Franklin and then again "someone" posted exactly the same way. It is obvious that "someone" is trying to start trouble on this message board, however it is not me and to comment back to " Amanda " , I have never started any rumors that Anne Rice wasn't fine---so I am not sure where you got that idea---or "Amanda" are you part of trouble making?
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