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Sonya posts on 5/28/2005 1:53:09 AM Hoping to find another book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon after having just closed The Shadow of the Wind, I happened upon this site. Like the other posters here, I salute an amazing writer! Since I am an avid reader, I can say with certainty that it is rare to stumble upon a modern writer of such incredible talent. This book has all the elements of a sure classic!
sandy posts on 5/21/2005 10:40:12 PM l could hardly stop reading this book. it reminded me of love in the time of cholera and sophie's choice which were exceptional. l cannot believe the detail and explanation of his characters and his wonderful story form. his writing in past and present and the way he made such a perfect story was unbelievable. you you smell the rain when he described, you could feel the weather changes. l just was so enthralled and loved the story. l thougt it was so great the way he paralleled danial and julian and last daniel's son julian. there are many books to read and l am so happy someone mentioned this book. l probably would never have found it at the library or book store. l loved his humor, storytelling style, etc. l have told so many folks to read it. when something is good l love to share. thanks and l am waiting for the next novel.
Velma posts on 5/21/2005 10:42:27 AM Unexpected twists and turns throughout the entire story kept me mesmerized as I read, and the humor woven into the story kept me laughing. Categorically, the story is a mystery, a romance, a study in personalities, a cultural introduction, and an excellent read. This book was so good that it has inspired me to post a message for this author, an activity I have never done before although I read a variety of 2-3 novels each week. Well Done! I'm sorry to find that there are no other novels by Zafon to read, my purpose in searching the Net and ending up at this site.

Iain posts on 5/12/2005 10:22:26 AM One of the best books I've read in years. I hated to finish it.
Wayne posts on 5/2/2005 1:01:05 PM Absolutely without a doubt the most absorbing book that I have read in quite a long time. Flash-backs and movements in time blend seamlessly with the parallels in the generation-separated lives of the principal characters. Defies categorization as a love story or a thriller or any single appelation, but is all of them together, all expertly wound in layers of shadows.
Greg posts on 4/24/2005 7:20:23 PM An outstanding artist of words.Zafon portrays human nature at its best and worst with eloquently simple analogies that made me re-read the authors thoughts of beauty. I envy his style and the clarity of his thought process. Read, enjoy !! I look forward to his next work.
Nicole posts on 3/9/2005 8:21:38 PM I just hope that Zafon will be able to read this himself. I have read probally thousands of books, but never have i encountered one such as his. Zafon is an increditably talented writer and i hope that he continues on the path that he has taken. I believe the mistake tht authors make though, is to tried to write another book like one of his previous ones that has been a bestseller. I believe the key to it is to continue writing from one's heart, but to write one's message a little differentlly each time. Often times, the book that truly touches a person's soul and changes their life, is the book that they won't no other hands to touch. Other books can be passed on and the owner doesn't think twice about what another takes out of it. But, a book that trully touches is to be treasured and kept to oneself. The Shadow of The Wind is that book for me. Life explained itself a little better in it and i can relate with several of the characters. I have read a review of the book and the reviewer goes into detail about how much the author describes things in detail too much. Especially the house. But what makes sense to me is that Zafon does go into detail. If he did not, how could the reader have a true respect of the lives of the characters. One must know the history, before they can begin to understand the present. I believe that Zafon understood that perfectly. I am truly grateful to have been able to read this book. I hope that one day i will be able to not only read it to my children, but to be able to explain life in the same perfect harmony that Zafon did, in one of my own books. I am a beginning author and this book inspired me tremendously. Thank You, and if there is anyway that i can contact Zafon, please tell me. I would love to be able to speak to him and tell him of my appreciation. Nicole
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