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Leanne Dickason posts on 1/26/2006 6:07:27 AM I have just completed reading this book and I quite enjoyed it. The story kept me guessing to the end. Having read several of Colins books it is heartening to see that Paula and Tweed have normal lives with a hint of romance! A good read. I look forward to the next book.
patricia posts on 1/23/2006 6:51:37 AM I also cant believe how colin forbes gets his books published they are a great source of entertainment though. His dialogue is stilted beyond belief, I don't think he lives in this century, and his characters are one dimentional, but in his latest book The Main Chance he actu,ally states that Tweed "fibbed" this from a man in charge of security.
Peter White posts on 1/10/2006 6:40:57 PM I stumbled across Colin Forbes "The Cell" on a $2 discount rack last year and wasted a couple of weeks reading it. "The Cell's" silly rambling plot, naive action scenes, shallow and quite unbelievable characters, offensive depictions of women (and their 'consumable' cosmetic value to men) took me to the point where I vowed never to read another of Forbes' books. I have to agree with the other contributors to this website who have expressed their astonishment at his ability to get his work published at all. More to follow

juventus posts on 11/20/2005 8:35:19 AM hi after reading colin fobes stealth, i decided to seek the following janus man, rhinocerous, no mercy, the greek key, and palermo ambush. i would like to know the price.
Brian Wells posts on 9/30/2005 7:07:31 PM I have just read this book on holiday and was astonished that it was ever published. It seemed to me as though it was written many years ago and some attempt had been made to bring it up to date. The plot was weak with two murders entirely unrelated to a ludicrous plot to turn Britain into a Police State. Apparently, the sole source of information to the public was a newspaper called the "Daily Nation" - no satellite TV or terrestrial or even radio news. I finished only because the preposterous lack of logic made me laugh so much. Furthermore, I only called up this web site to reassure myself that I had not gone mad and that others felt the same as myself.
Derek Jones posts on 9/23/2005 6:15:53 PM Page 445 I am proberbly not the first to point out but the air base at Culdrose is a Royal Naval Air Station. Still enjoyed the book though
Frandy posts on 9/14/2005 3:02:01 PM This is one of the worst books I have ever read. The general writing seems suitable for an eight year-old but there is enough hacking off of limbs and spurting blood to make it unsuitable for children. I am honestly surprised that anyone would publish it! The only reason I finished it at all was to find out if goodness triumphs over evil. (And I paid several pounds for it in Edinburgh.)
Mike posts on 8/12/2005 3:37:41 AM Maria, I didn't necessarilly say his travelogues were correct, the city descriptions were just better reading than the fiction bits! I still can't believe I actually went right to the end on the last (and final) one I read. Utter rubbish.
Maria Dias posts on 8/11/2005 6:19:16 PM I've just read what Mike wrote about mr Forbes sticking to travelogues and I don't agree. He wrote in The Greek Key that someone drove a donkey drawn cart from Cascais to Lisbon, in Portugal, obviously all the way on a motorway and parked the cart on one of the busiest and most fashionable streets of the capital. This is unthinkable, and also the way he describes the night in Lisbon, with fado coming out of every window. That was 1987 or 1887? I don't believe he even bothered to visit Lisbon at all, he should be more careful and avoid writing about what he doesn't know. And yes, the characters are silly, poor Paula only wears pleated skirts, something nobody would weat unless they were male and scottish.
Andromeda posts on 7/12/2005 1:04:39 PM Has anyone noticed that Harry Butler gets most of the injuries but never gets the girl? Come on Mr Forbes, give the guy a break. And I don't mean the "Oh look at me" type of jail bait or honey trap women. Also, does poor Monica have a life? Even if she has a crush on Tweed she's got to have something else. Build a background to her character. And I wish Paula would put on some weight/get a wrinkle or two/update her dress sense. Generally I like the Tweed series, but does anyone else think the last three aren't as good? There seems to be something missing.
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