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oscar moberg posts on 1/18/2005 11:23:16 AM can you please tell me some fakts abote jore self aym from sweden end ay haw red won of your books and ay most hav som fakts abote your self please wrat bake to me befor friday. Bestvises oscar
Angela posts on 1/6/2005 1:55:44 PM I have read8 books from the author and i think that he is a man of a rare species.But don't people like Tweed have another life apart from job.He only mentions his runaway wife.I like the way he has presented the characters but real life is lacking
Les Moore posts on 1/6/2005 1:06:34 PM Have just read the first 70 pages of "Blood Storm" hoping to see if it improve, alas I have given up. This is the first book have tried by this author, and it will be the last. It seems to be aimed at 14 year olds, with its narrative style, and the very annoyingly tendency to continually state the obvious.
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