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Drum stick posts on 6/17/2007 6:15:05 PM Oh and the book does stink. Yes yes you may refer to me as the almighty wonderful Drumstick! I am pooted eat chicken HAH-HAH-HAH. Boogers.
dustclaw(nightclan deputy tom) posts on 6/17/2007 6:13:20 PM If you have a cat on the erin hunter board can you get on please?
Drum stick posts on 6/17/2007 6:12:58 PM I am the almighty drumstick your leader your ruler. I like hamburgr. Auugh fear me . I pooted.

dustfinger lover posts on 6/17/2007 6:07:15 PM i think the 3rd book is coming out next year. CF is done writing it in German now it just has to be put in the English form.
gygigirl posts on 6/14/2007 3:01:35 PM Hi Yall. I just thought I would check this site out. I would want to be Silvertounge not Dustfinger in the book. What books would you read if you could make them come to life?Anyway, IMDB posted the characters if you didnt know. They have been up for forever but nothing about the release date yet. When does the last book come out? I dont even know where to look.
Rainfur(CC She/Stripefur( tom)/Flame(she) posts on 6/13/2007 5:59:55 PM I am guessing this board isn't very popular. Oh well, for those who didn't know.. CF changed th e3rd book title back to Inkdeath.
inkheartfan posts on 6/9/2007 3:21:30 PM This is kind of a spoiler if anyone dosn't know, but the third and final book will be called Inkdeath, NOT Inkworld. I checked the website. Anyways, who likes Dustfinger??
iLoveCF posts on 6/9/2007 11:02:43 AM Ummmm, does anyone know whene the movie of inkheart is coming out???? I can't wait!
Shadowrebel posts on 6/4/2007 10:43:05 AM Inkheart is ok i guess, i didnt really get it, it was one of those books where you read the first 2 chapters and have no idea what the hell is going on. (sorry for the swears) anyway, does anyone know if theres any new books??
i have never read this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posts on 6/2/2007 2:12:18 PM LOL hey guys how are you o and this book stinks!
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