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Anonymous posts on 1/11/2008 8:35:41 PM inkdeath comes out this fall and the movie comes out in march. I think Farid and Meggie should stay together and I hope they stay in the inkworld that would be so cool!!
Farid+Meggie 4ever posts on 1/2/2008 6:58:15 PM What's all this about a new boy for Meggie? I don't want to start a fight, but personally, I'm upset about this. I want Faird and Meggie to stay together. Poor Farid, he'll be so heartbroken! I think Farid's such a cool guy, he cares so much about Meggie. There's a part I remember in Inkspell, and Meggie is going into a room alone to read something, and Farid tries to go after her, but Dustfinger stops him and says, "Nothing will happen to her in that room, Farid." I think it's sweet, but that just my opinion!
dragonlily posts on 12/30/2007 10:19:04 PM My favourite scene in Inkheart, is when meggie describes elinor's library.

Liza posts on 12/15/2007 4:50:48 PM I don't think Farid and Meggie should be together because they are much to different.They don't go with each other. The movie is comming out next year and so is the book.The book is coming out somewhere in january.I think so is the movie.
Inkreader posts on 11/24/2007 11:37:01 AM I love the Inkheart trilogy! I can't wait till the movie comes out, and I can't wait till Inkdeath is out either. What's all this about a new boy for Meggie? What's wrong with Farid? He's a cool character. I think Meggie and Farid should be together.
dustfinger lover posts on 11/23/2007 12:49:22 PM just so u kno there were open calls for the movie but that was a while ago
Inuyasha'sgirl500 posts on 11/20/2007 1:46:22 PM Oh my gosh I really think that meggie and Farid like each other. But I think that your secret riddle is to hard!I wish you would have announced that you were making a movie for the inktroilgy.Cause if you did i would have been percect for meggie.My friends even said so! Your series is the best series in the world!! I've read all the books so far.I'm going to tell my mother to buy the books for me! You are the best authr inthe world! My friend Jasymn Gwatney thiks inkspell is boring but it isnt!
dustfinger lover posts on 11/12/2007 2:31:16 PM i think maggie and farid get along ok. i mean some things i don't agree w/ farid on but that's just because it's different in our time than it is in his. like the whole meggie having to stay w/ him and possible getting married even though she just like 13.
Anonymous posts on 11/9/2007 5:19:25 PM faird is okay but i think she could make a better person for meggie.
adnamarine loves dustfinger posts on 11/9/2007 5:13:52 PM amp is just this weird thing allreaders puts in when you try to make certain signs like the sign for 'and', and quotation marks, especially when you copy-paste from microsoft word. yeah, I don't understand why you all don't like farid either. I think Inkheart's coming out winter of '08, isn’t it? which is WAY too long to have to wait *groans* new guy and she ditches farid? talk about your drama. poor farid. not sure how I feel about that idea, I mean Farid has been in all three books, isn't a bit sudden to bring in a new guy for meggie? I suppose it depends on when he enters the scene, but still... it would be one thing if he was just a new character, but there has to be enough time for... I dunno. why don't you guys like Farid?
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