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dustfinger lover posts on 5/2/2007 10:11:05 PM I think that maybe she didn't make a big deal out of all of the prince's men dying 'cause that would taken some of the attension away from what dustfinger did. Plus nobody really knew most of the characters that died really well. Oh, and what's up with the whole hacking thing??
kaykay posts on 5/2/2007 8:17:24 AM i agree with potato...the first sets up for the 2nd and the 2nd sets up for the 3rd....and also inkspell made me cry a lot!!! Dustfinger is so cool!!and Farid too! i didnt want either of them to die!!
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potato posts on 5/1/2007 5:26:21 PM ok, back to like, last week: i put the ____ there because i was being lazy and didnt feel like typing ink heart and inkspell, so i just did ink____. okay, i like inkspell better than inkheart, and no offense, but to that person who said that book 2 is just setting up for book 3, you could say the same thing about inkheart and every other book thatis in a series that has ever been written in the history of the world. you could also say that about descriptions, and first page / chapter / paragraphs. this argument (if there really is an argument at all) could go on forever, so i really shouldnt have said any of that at all, but i dont feel like deleting it and depriving the world of my opinion, and i wanted to make a point, so im just going to ask that you please disregard this.
Adnamarine posts on 5/1/2007 3:34:27 PM Well, I finished it. I cried when Dustfinger died. Of course, I knew exactly what he was gonna do... I was so shocked when Farid died! Because somebody had told me that Dustfinger was going to die (not exactly in so many words, but close enough), so when Basta was aiming the knife at Farid I thought that Dustfinger would jump in front of him or something like that. This way was much more heartbreaking. I really did not like Fenoglio near the end of the book, after the prince and his army were destroyed especially. I was looking up the date for the release of Inkdeath, and I thought it kind of funny that Cornelia Funk commented that it wouldn't be as dark as Inkspell. One of the few flaws of the book was that when the whole army was destroyed and all those peopled die, the whole scene was kind of... emotionless. It doesn't make you care, it doesn't make you shocked and horrified and sad. I've read a few books with scenes like that where so many people have died, and quite a few have managed to make me cry, cause it Is sad. But Inkspell didn't make you feel that way. But again, her characters are definately her strong point. Her villains could be better, but they're not bad. I almost dislike Orpheus more than Basta and Mortola. He's more slimy and distastful. You don't really hate the Adderhead and Capricorn's people. And you don't really admire them either. There are some truly amazing bad guys who you just love, because they're so magnificantly clever and just good at being bad guys. I didn't really feel anything about Mortola and Basta and the Adderhead. They aren't really bad, just not superb. But the whole book is... amazing!
dustfinger lover posts on 4/30/2007 9:44:53 PM well, i love both of the books i was sad and mad at the end of inkspell but i'm not anymore 'cause he's commin' back!
Meme posts on 4/30/2007 9:01:17 PM I like Inkheat but not Inkpell
kaykay posts on 4/23/2007 8:05:22 PM Inkspell breaks your heart when you read it, or least it did for me...
Adnamarine posts on 4/23/2007 7:53:20 PM I finally read Inkheart and I'm in the middle of Inkspell and I am in love with these books. I love the sheer bookishness of them, and all the stuff about words and books and stories... they're amazing, if just a bit young. Dustfinger is a spectacular character. She's done a marvelous job with her characters especially, I think, or at least most of them. They're very really, very believable, and most of all Dustfinger. Is the 3'rd book out yet? Or will I be tortured with the waiting?
gygigirl posts on 4/23/2007 2:37:55 PM Hey just stumbled here and figuered i would join the Inheart vs Spell feud. I think they are both good. I am wikid excited there is a movie but not about the chosen actors. Silvertounge and George of the Jungle dont mix for me. I choose Inkheart over Inkspell of course, but I think it was becuase the second book just sets up for the third.
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