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Groker posts on 10/23/2005 3:22:28 PM As you may infer by the moniker, I am a Heinlein fan. Approx 17 yrs ago I stumbled upon Emergence at a local bookstore. That I read it doesn't do the book justice. Perhaps if I used consumed, embraced or bonded when relating my experience with the post-apocolyptic story of a gifted little girl and her loveable, idiot twin, I would be more accurate. How truly sad it is when writing of that calibre does not continue through the years and becomes only a wished-for entity for those of us who saw the light so long ago and reread the gem to feel the sweetness again. Please, Mr.Palmer, come back to our hearts; please write again.
ringtailedman posts on 10/6/2005 4:23:06 PM Wow! That's just fantastic! I thought his titles were #2 Special Education and #3 Stolen Thunder. But really, I don't care as long as it is part of "To Halt Armageddon". 20 years is a long time to wait to find out how this story ends. Plus, the possible promise of a NEW book. I can't wait!
Diogenes posts on 9/26/2005 9:21:45 PM The MS is done but publication date has not been set, though that should be established by year's end. "To Halt Armageddon" is the working title - slash - sub-title but the main title will be a Palmer -characteristic play on words. You'll have to wait for that surprise, sorry. By the way, he also has ANOTHER book in the works. It would appear that the muse has been smiling on David. Wish I could reveal more but I'm not his publicist.

ringtailedman posts on 9/21/2005 5:31:42 PM I would like the title of his new book and expected publishing date.
Diogenes posts on 9/14/2005 12:46:43 PM I am acquainted with Mr. Palmer and will confirm that he does live in Williston, Florida; he would probably love to get mail but please respect his privacy and don't visit in person. He works as a court reporter and is not home much anyway. David has finished a new novel, look for it soon. If you enjoyed Emergence and Threshold you won't be disappointed.
bye posts on 9/9/2005 10:46:02 PM bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye and bye-bye
stile posts on 9/9/2005 6:42:30 PM to greg wannabee. i think kagmi is right. we must respect his privacy. yet, at the same time. we need info. the last thing we need to do is tick him off. write soon with your results.
Kagmi posts on 9/7/2005 4:22:50 PM Hmm, that is a tough one... (by the way, I've read somewhere that he does live in Florida). If you have his address, a letter might be less obtrusive than a phone call or showing up on his doorstep. I say go for it, explain that there are interested fans. And if you get a response, we wouldn't mind hearing about it ;).
Greg Wannabee posts on 9/7/2005 2:47:25 PM I live in North Central Florida, and unless there is very unlikely case of mistaken identity, David and Sherry Palmer would appear to live about 5 miles away from me. I've got an address and a phone number, but I'm torn about whether or not to attempt contact. What do all of you DRP fans think? Should I bug him or leave him alone? Mr. Palmer, if you are reading this and want to be left alone, you can post to this site with a thumbs down, but use the last name of one of your neighbors whose property meets yours on your eastern border. Thanks for the books you have written, here's hoping for more soon.
Lynn Doggett posts on 9/6/2005 10:58:04 AM I love everything that I've read by David Palmer. Emergence has been one of my favorite books ever. David R. Palmer, if you are reading this, get busy! Love ya.
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