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posts on 6/29/2006 7:47:44 AM I have to say that Harry Potter is my favourite and i have been experimenting with other books while i'm waiting for the 7th! And so i picked up the Divide trilogy and LOVED them! They definetly came in my top favourite of books with, 'Harry Potter' by J.K rowling, 'His dark materials' trilogy by Philip Pullman, 'The Echorium' trilogy by Katherine Roberts! I really did love your books because it made me feel like i was in a world that i wanted to be in! Thankyou for giving me such a good read!
posts on 5/29/2006 8:31:41 PM I am a great fan of the divide trilogy. "Back to the Divide" was the only thing that ocupied me on my 6 hour drive to kentucky. I defenantly think you should write another book. maybee rhino will say another powerword and something will happen. I don't know I'm not a writer but I would love to read more about felix and betony :0)
posts on 4/30/2006 11:57:43 AM I think Elizabeth Kay should write another Divide book. Maybe in which the two Felixs suddenly (by an unknown cause) can read each other's thoughts. She'd have to make up more twists than that, but that's okay, she's good at that kind of stuff. P.S. I've read all three books. P.P.S. I don't know why Elizabeth Kay isn't famous for theese books.

posts on 4/22/2006 11:21:00 AM I have recently finished the Divide Trilogy and i loved it!I think Elizabeth Kay should write more adventures of felix and the divide because they are very very very good books.
posts on 4/20/2006 1:01:16 PM I love these books I have read all 3 of them and love them. I wish they would make this into a movie. I would defenantly go for the part of betony she would be so awsome to play!!
Spartan posts on 4/6/2006 7:09:10 PM I love the ooks but i wish there were more. Like in the next book felix could remeber a special word and tit could be the opposite of of "open seasame" and it makes both bethony go to her world anf same with felix and nimby and they could have more adventures together I think it would be cool to have more books but o well
William posts on 3/23/2006 9:52:04 PM please i love reding the divide trilogies i read the first second and third!the second one was the best but if you can make anymore divide books i will be so happy! please
Elizabeth Kay posts on 3/16/2006 2:33:03 PM Hello Madison - Just tried to post a reply, and it didn't accept it, so if two turn up... Go to my website, (you'll find it if you do a search for Elizabeth Kay and The Divide) and if the information you want isn't there go to links, then contact, and email me directly. There's also information on my publisher's website.
Madison Pinkney posts on 3/16/2006 12:11:28 PM I am in fifth grade a Elon elementary School and we are doind Author reports. I am researching you beause I love the book The Divide. I will read the second book next. Can you tell me something about yourself and how you found the story idea to write the Divide? I hope you read this before my report is due.
susan posts on 2/27/2006 10:36:21 AM is the thrid book out yet and if not when is it coming out?
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