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Fairness Maiden posts on 5/23/2013 12:16:44 AM We can just sit back and watch the left implode. Jay Leno is sure having fun knocking Obama, and the Democrats are actually really getting tough about the IRS scandal ~ with good reason. As the facts come out more and more dems are distancing themselves from Obama. The thing that really eats at me though is that there is no way that the Obamanator would have had a second term if the media was honest with the public and now they, the media, is being attacked by his administration. I pray one day to see Obama in handcuffs for his part in all this ~ he deserves.
BUSHWON posts on 5/22/2013 10:15:27 PM The shoes keep dropping, FM. This only keeps getting better and better. Now they're spyiing on FOX news reporters and their PARENTS, and making up ridiculously false arrest claims in order to secure wire tap warrants! And I bet the little cry baby President knew nothing about it yet AGAIN. Probably learned about it while watching Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Pathetic. How can you liberals be so freaking blind and brain washed. This guy really does think he's our King. I just hope you keep defending him as more and more dirt keeps pouring out of this White House, that way your credibility will mean as much as Jay Carney's post Press Secretary career.
Fairness Maiden posts on 5/17/2013 5:33:46 PM Bushwon Rep Mike Kelly unloaded on the IRS today followed by loud applause in Congress. When has that ever happened before? This over reach of power by the IRS is symptomatic of the overall aliment in Washington that started in the White House. We the people are awakening. I don't know if you took part in Huckabee's Day of Prayer, but you have got to noticed that ever since then things are falling apart for the Obama admin! God is answering our prayers. God Bless Bushwon ~ we are being guided.

BUSHWON posts on 5/16/2013 12:37:28 AM THank you for the compliment, my intrepid friend. It is very much appreciated. You are a fighter and so am I. We have waited 5 long years for this moment, and so has the rest of the country that actually values the Constitution and the American way of life. Our hard work has paid off. It's going to keep unraveling from now on. And I only hope the spirit of Chairman Issa infects the rest of our (sometimes unreliable) party. GOD BLESS YOU FM AND GOD BLESS OUR GREAT COUNTRY! WE'RE TAKING IT ALL BACK STARTING NOW!
Fairness Maiden posts on 5/15/2013 7:45:21 PM Bushwon I saw this on FaceBook and had to share it with you ~ it's so true and you have called it many times. It is titled Obama is the worst president ever. "(IRS scandal) Barack Obama says he had no idea this was going on. (AP wiretapping scandal) Barack Obama says he had no idea this was going on. (Benghazi) And Barack Obama had no idea what was going on. (Fast and Furious) Obama had no idea what was going on. He is the leader of the free world and he's clueless. This guy is either criminal or incompetent." As if we need more proof the Odumbo came out today to fire ONE IRS a$$hole. ONE, only ONE can you believe this cr@p?
BUSHWON posts on 5/14/2013 9:54:28 PM FM, Rush Limbaugh thinks that the AP story and the IRS story are bad for our side because they DISTRACT from Benghazi. Eventhough that was the aim of the administration: to distract, I think these 3 scandals back to back have BACKFIRED because they finally awakened the press from the sycophantic slumber that they've been under since Odumbo became president. Plus the AP story hits home for the weasels in the press because: THEY COULD BE NEXT. The IRS story couldn't be more obviously political and coupled with the fabrication of the Benghazi talking points by the administration to ensure Obama's reelection, finally reveals (for the blind: AKA the press) the true motives of this shameless regime. -- We all know that with a Republican president, any one of these scandals would've brought him down. But with a democrat, evidently we need 3 HUGE SCANDALS IN ONE WEEK before the press actually starts doing their job! Let's not forget what happened to 'Fast and Furious', 'The Black Panther Case', 'Solyndra', and dozens of other Obama scandals that the press have ignored. They simply went away because the President told HIS LAP DOG PRESS that that's what he wanted. Clearly, critical mass had to be reached before anyone but FOX was forced to pay attention. -- Our side is going nuts congratulating the press for waking up. My thinking is: WHAT TOOK YOU IDIOTS SO LONG TO OPEN YOUR EYES!? THIS GUY IS THE MOST INCOMPETENT, HYPER-PARTISAN, DESCTRUCTIVE, AND MEAN SPIRITED PRESIDENT THAT WE'VE EVER HAD! Congratulations for finally doing your job 5 years late! From his campaign in 08 to yesterday 5/13/2013, you have been nothing more than his puppets. Finally, you decided to cut the strings today! Congrats!
God posts on 5/14/2013 9:47:02 PM How dare you use my name to promote your hate, you old ball of cat manure. Just because you are filled with hate does not mean you should pretend I have any special feelings for you. If you haven't figured things out in your 70+ years, you surely won't, so find a bingo game, dole out your last dollar and fade away, grams.
Diarrhea is wet Bushwon posts on 5/14/2013 9:43:20 PM There is a rabid poster on this site who often uses the moniker of BUSHWON. Bushwon is an idealogue who calls others names, tries to bully his point across, presents wild opinions as facts, etc. During the presidential campaign of 2012, BUSHWON agreed to a bet. The bet was simple: If Romney won the election, two other posters would leave this site, never to return. However, if Obama won, BUSHWON agreed to leave the site, never to return. There was no duress to either of the betting parties, it was simply a bet, agreed to, with honor and integrity as the collateral. As is obvious to anyone reading this message board, BUSHWON has decided not to honor his part of the agreement. So understand that anything coming from BUSHWON (aka CONSERVATIVE, TEA PARTY GUY and others) is tainted by his lack of integrity. Anyone who he yells at in CAPS is being yelled at by a man void of integrity. Whenever he trashes our great country and its leaders, he is simply an anonymous man without integrity. When he recites Limbaugh or Hannity, he is reciting as a man without integrity. BUSHWON is an idiot and a racist and once implied that he is a registered sex offender. The sex offender reference was to how upset and irate he got on a few occasions when someone responded to his delusional tirades by saying his comments were so inane as to compare to that of a murderer or child molester. He calls showing concern for victims of child molestation 'a joke'. BUSHWON has denigrated military people who have voiced differing opinions than his by stating that they should move to another country - simply outlandish and disgraceful. His mode of operation is 'make it up, lie and pretend'. For the sake of anyone who has ever cherished integrity as a worthy quality in a person, please feel free to copy and paste this disclaimer at any time on this message board as a response to BUSHWON (or his many aliases), meant to say that without integrity your voice is mute. We do not listen to or value opinions of one who is without integrity. Copying and pasting this disclaimer has caused BUSHWON to get very upset. He ignores it for awhile, but eventually always starts getting very angry and making up silly insults. It's hilarious when he gets so upset. If you're going to bet on your integrity and not pay up, it is apt that you feel the repercussions. Integrity is a real virtue. It doesn't take much time or effort to copy and paste the disclaimer. You can do it while on the phone, while waiting at a red light, or even if you are sitting on the toilet taking a BUSHWON. Taking the few seconds to copy and paste is simply your way of saying that integrity matters. If you don't want to use your real name, but still want to demonstrate your disdain for people who compromise integrity with no remorse, then copy and paste this disclaimer under the name of 'Fairness Maiden'. Fairness Maiden has been used frequently on this site by some kook who really thinks their name is Fairness Maiden. By using FM as an username, you will be showing your support for our need to recognize mental illness as a legitimate concern. Fairness Maiden has refused to answer the following questions, because she knows the answers are an indictment on BUSHWON's character: (1) Did not Bushwon the Welcher enter a bet last fall in which he agreed to leave this site if President Obama was re-elected? (2) Did not President Obama win re-election on Nov 6, 2012? (3) Did Bushwon the Welcher not write at this site afterwards I am not going anywhere, the bet notwithstanding? (4) Do you not believe in the value of keeping one's word? If you do, how do you reconcile that belief with your affinity for a demonstrated Welcher and Liar? Conservatives especially are encouraged to copy and paste, since this has nothing to do with politics, only honor and integrity, or more specifically BUSHWON's lack of both. May God bless his empty soul.
Fairness Maiden posts on 5/14/2013 9:13:13 PM Quote from the Huffington Post: "You know things are really going downhill for the Obama administration when the Huffingtonpost says it is worse than Nixon Administration." Can you believe this, Bushwon? Jay Carney is took a beating this morning at the press conference. He can barely hold it together and the media is suddenly no longer a friend of the admin. God is good.
BUSHWON posts on 5/14/2013 11:45:33 AM Has there ever been 3 HUGE SCANDALS IN ONE WEEK FOR ANY PRESIDENT? Unbelievable! The dominos are falling fast, FM. I think you're right. This is all to distract from Benghazi. What must they know that they're so afraid that we'll find out? What a great time to be a Conservative. And the best part FM: THIS IS ALL HAPPENING BEFORE THE MIDTERM ELECTION. If this keeps up, plus the bull$hit coming down the pike from Obamacare, CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SWEEP! I think no other president has been such a lame duck this early on. It's not even 4 months into his second term and he's already looking pretty much finished. GOD IS GREAT! GOD BLESS AMERICA, INDEED!
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