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Pip posts on 7/8/2007 12:37:28 AM Pop if you dont read the books then dont be on this message borad Beacause we are talking to About it. And you should read it. Its so good.
Pop posts on 7/5/2007 9:17:18 PM Yah never read the books never want to.
Pip posts on 7/5/2007 12:41:46 AM hey every body! I am not so sure if there will be a movie. jenny told me that there was no contracks signed or something. but I will try to update you.

Anonymous posts on 6/22/2007 1:30:48 PM Yo is anyone on or not I dont got all day.
Charlie posts on 6/22/2007 1:14:20 PM i look exactly like him. i got the hair thing goin on, and everything
Charlie Bone look-alike posts on 6/22/2007 11:09:23 AM I hope I can get the part of Charlie Bone, I look just like him (in the book). Although If I had my hair dyed white, I would look more like Billy Raven...
Charlie posts on 6/14/2007 6:06:28 PM i like robin hood. hes the coolest.
robin hood posts on 6/14/2007 5:01:16 PM Yes that is true it said gingivitce was a cartus but it is a gum deise...) like the name? I love robin hood he is like my hero!
Charlie posts on 6/11/2007 7:10:13 PM dont trust that site. its not always true. i could go in there, and say the 8th book was charlie bone meets harry potter.
S. T. Fortna posts on 6/11/2007 6:54:10 PM YES! The 7th book has been titled and the date has been set for a release! The title is Charlie Bone and the Gargoyles, it's to be out in store October 15th! (look it up, Wikipedia has it on thier page) And I am not so much into the movie right now as I am into the books. I want to know what'll happen at the end of the series!
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