Jonathan Kellerman Message Board posts supporting argument on 3/3/2005 6:17:46 AM Thank You! That's all I've ever tried to say. Maybe it's a Toledo thing?
Joshua Davies posts on 3/3/2005 3:23:33 AM Mr and Mrs. Kellerman, I have read most of your books. They're really great. I like the one with the doctor and his friend the LAPD homicide detective and the Decker and Lazarus adventures. Will there be some more?
Maggie posts on 2/21/2005 6:10:03 PM Yes, a lot of relationships don't last but Alex has opined about having kids. Robin would be a better mother and partner to him. Allison is dull. Any idea when the next book is due?

Mark-Toledo posts on 2/20/2005 5:51:40 AM Kellerman is being realistic. I love what he did with that relationship. He put a human side to it. Most relationships do not last. He writes books not soap opera's.
Mary Lou posts on 2/1/2005 4:06:15 PM I have previouly commented but continue to feel strongly about the shift from Robin to Allyson. It's a thriller/novel series and all the components cotribute to the (mostly) brilliant whole: mystery, characters, psychological insights, personal lives, etc. The Allyson character adds nothing. Robin did. It's JK's vision, but I can only hope he does an about face. I'm sure his talent and imagination can develope a plot that reasonably disposes of Allyson and Whatsisname, Robin's momemtery (I hope) boyfriend. Thanks for listening (I hop), JK.
Sony Lemoff posts on 1/11/2005 4:14:38 PM I've read all of JK's Alex Delaware series and I have to say I was really stunned about Robin being replaced by Allison. I know, I know, JK writes mysteries instead of romances but of course, after reading all of JK's books, the relationship aspect becomes just as important as the actual crime being solved. I really hope Alex reconciles with Robin. I mean, I think Robin is the balm and calming factor to Alex's crazy world. In Ch. 4, Alex says this about Robin: "But when the touch, the feel, the smell of someone is imbedded in your DNA..." Well, hello, if that's really how Alex felt about Robin, why the hell didn't he fight for Robin? Sorry for all the Allison fans out there. I just think Robin is a better match even though Allison may understand the craziness in Alex's world. Well, I'm anxiously waiting for the next Delaware book. I really wish JK and his wife, Faye, would have a website so readers can be updated on what they're working on. If any of you know either one (JK or FK), please encourage them to have a website. I actually have written to both these authors, sending the letters through their respective publishers, but alas, neither one responded. Well, I hope the next Delaware book will have him back with Robin otherwise, it's so easy to just have a cold heart with JK's books.
regina posts on 1/8/2005 10:18:07 PM I am adicted to Jonathan Kellerman's books. I love Alex and I am excited that JK changes Alex's private life by adding Allison, but I am convinced that Robin will come back, since she is a better fit for Alex. I'm reading Therapy which compensates for the very boring Double Homicide. This book of all the books (I probably read all the Jonathan and Fay books)is the most boring. The content was so simple I could not believe it was written by JK and FK. I can't wait for the next one...
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