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Pat Davidson posts on 1/1/2009 4:01:40 PM I would like to know what happened to Judith McNaught? I have read every book and she hasn't had a new one for a while. Please let me know what's going on with her.
nseneker posts on 12/27/2008 9:52:20 AM When is the novel, Ican't take my eyes off of you going on sale???
Courtney posts on 11/26/2008 8:27:29 AM Great books but really need a book on Courtney Maitland. She would make one great book. Please write one. Hoping that she comes back in Can't Take My Eyes Off You which by the way has been too long coming. Or please write one where she is a major. Love your books and really really great work

Natalie posts on 11/25/2008 4:28:54 PM My favourite scene is from the novel "Until you ". This moment when Chery said Stephen everithing what she thought about him ( in Kleimor). He was a real fool and she told him about it.
booklover95 posts on 8/23/2008 9:18:02 AM I love all her books! I first read Whitney, My Love, and I fell deeply in love with all the books since that time. I also loved Once and Always. I can't wait for Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You!
Prima posts on 7/28/2008 1:14:12 AM when Kate Donovan returned to Mitchell Wyatt's hotel suit, saying that she's so sorry about the mistakes ahe probably made, and Mitchell held her tight in his arms saying he missed her terribly, after all those torturing years. I felt my heartache as well... I live in Indonesia by the way
Janet W posts on 7/16/2008 3:16:04 PM Re: Anel Kahtthe's post - I have almost all of her books and have duplicates of many. I typically wouldn't part with them, but since they are duplicates, I would be willing. My email address is if you are interested.
Anel Kahtthe posts on 7/10/2008 1:53:57 PM I find it extremely difficult believing the characters in JM's books are fictional! I have laughed with them, cried with them, and wished more than once that I too lived in the 1800's. I live in South-Africa and would appreciate it very much if you could let me know where to purchase her books. I have read the few I could lay my hands on here at least four times.
Stephania Pullicino posts on 7/9/2008 12:28:53 PM Something wonderful is the most heart warming, along with perfect and almost all the others. I have read all her books and can,t wait for the next one to come out. Can't find Can't take my eyes off you. Is it out yet?
rachel posts on 7/5/2008 2:51:34 AM I loved "Perfect"! Zachary BEnedict is SO self-sacrificing! I'd recommend this to first-time readers of Judith Mcnaught's Books(:
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