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mandy posts on 11/16/2009 12:04:04 AM Okay so Dreamfever wasn't as bad as I was thinking it would be. But still ended in a really annoying way. Who the heck could the monster at the end of the book be? I mean really there's only one answer that would ever make me sad and that would be that the monster was Barrons. I'm pretty certain that it is but who does she care about enough to be saying that she'd lost everything. Not Alina because she's already dead. Can't be her parents because the things been living under his basement since she first arrived. There was no one else aforementioned that I can think of. Nobodies posted since my last negative comment but if anybody happens by post some possibilities cause I'm at a loss.
mandy posts on 3/23/2009 6:39:18 PM I really don't think that Moning's new fever series is going to be made into movies. You can sort of feel the difference in the Moning series compared to Meyer's Twilight series. When you read the first book Twilight it just sort of feels epic, it was really easy to connect with Bella. I really didn't feel that connection with fevers main character, really I only read it for Jericho he's assume but so far really all that's sustained the story line for me. Especially the way the last book ended, that was both wildly disappointing and incredably annoying at the same time. It was very disappointing but maybe that's just me. Moning's past books have set really high standards for me with her characters and wow did her heroine fall short in this one.
Marianna Griesacker posts on 10/18/2007 6:41:42 PM I totally loved all your your books I read everyone of them and now I'm reading DarkFever and I'm am loving it all. I caint wait to read your new book BloodFever. And also I was wondering of you were goign to make any of them into movies, I know Stephenie Meyer is making her books, Twilight into a movie and you 2 are my favorite authoers in the whole wide world. And I think it would be great if you made your books into movies, even one would be cool. But yes I loved all your books and can't wait to read the reset also is there going to be a third book to the Fever chonicals?

Donna Kosorwich posts on 9/5/2007 10:32:41 PM Karen was recently diagnosed with late stage Lyme Disease. I tried to post the message she sent to her fans, but I was not allowed to do it. She said that she's focusing her energy on two things: completing the FEVER series, and beating this disease so say a prayer for her and send your best wishes. I hope you'll feel better soon Karen!
Patricia A. Vaden posts on 8/16/2007 3:11:37 AM I hope that at some point you will combine your characters in several novels. I loved Bodie, Lisa, and Adam. I would love to see them in another novel. I have just purchased the rest of your novels that are now on sale. Keep the immortal highlanders going.
April K. posts on 11/30/2006 11:54:23 PM It's very hard to post here sometimes. Nothing goes through. ugh!
Annette posts on 11/15/2006 4:22:07 PM I'm loving the new series. I was a bit leary when I first read of the new changes but I am sold now.
KP posts on 11/15/2006 1:26:40 PM Anyone who loves KMM's books needs to checkout her website. It is updated and there is a message board on the site now. There are lots of great ladies on there and lots of discussions about Darkfever for those of us who have read it and theries about what is going to happen in the next few books. Be sure to check it out!!
Pearls posts on 11/6/2006 1:00:53 AM Karen's next book Blood Fever comes out at the end of August 2007. Into the Dreaming is a short story that appeared in the anthology, Tapestry. It is now available on its own for about $2.99.
Maggie posts on 11/6/2006 12:11:59 AM Hey I was looking up stuff on the net because I finished darkfever and I wanted to know when bloodfever comes out. But aside from that there was also a book called into the dreaming I was wondering if anyone heard about it or knew anything about it. I P.S. I really do hope we hear something about the mackeltars and adam and gabby in the next books to come
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