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Henry Kilny posts on 11/15/2007 9:36:49 PM I love that book i started to read it and i just couldn't put the book down. it was fantastic!!!
Michael A. Hellyer (England) posts on 10/30/2007 3:28:17 AM On a daily basis our TV's, Radios and Newspapers report on many tragedies. The theme that runs through all of these is that we (the people) muct learn lessons from these, but do we. When you read the stories of Livia Bitton-Jackson (Auschwitz) and Luong Ung (Cambodia) and see what is happening in the world today it is clear no lessons are being learned. Here is a poem I wrote back in 2005 - IN THE FIERY-RED OVENS OF AUSCHWITZ In the fiery-red ovens of Auschwitz The Jews from the Ghettoes were burned But from this tragic occurrence Have any real lessons been learned. For Pol Pot in the killing fields of Cambodia Murdered two million people they say Whilst most of the worlds free nations Simply chose to look the other way. Then Idi Amin came along in Uganda Killed his opponents and ate them for tea, Was justice truly given to his victims When the Saudis gave him sanctuary? In Ireland so many years of bloody conflict Have, we hope, now come to a full stop Bur should Adams, Paisley and others For their sins now face the long drop? And now in this 21st Century In Iraq we’ve had that tyrant Saddam Hussein Who though he gassed and murdered his people Some people would absolve him from blame. There are many, many more I could mention Who have tortured, murdered and slain, Each decade brings forth a fresh horror And it keeps happening again and again and again. Yes, in the fiery-red ovens of Auschwitz The Jews from the ghettoes were burned And what is clear since this tragic occurrence Any lessons have clearly been spurned. Written on Holocaust Memorial Day – 27/01/2005 Author – Michael A. Hellyer
anya posts on 10/15/2007 12:15:23 PM my class is doing an auther study, is it posible to contact you?

Shalise posts on 10/9/2007 7:18:38 PM HI I have read all Bitton-Jackson's books! At least I think all of them! I love all the books!!!! I have a question: You married David Bitton right? Well what happend to him? Who is Jackson? I still would like to know more about your life. Do you live in Israel? My list of questions could go on but, I will not ask any more for now. Sharlise grade 9
Agnes Kurland posts on 8/29/2007 5:53:47 AM Dr. Bitton - I was your student at Lehman College (my name was Agnes Kolevzon - I re-married about 15 years ago) and we were in West Orange a few weeks ago and there was someone with the name Bitton, but to my disappointment it was not a relative. We have made aliyah (two weeks ago) and live in Efrat. I would so much like to hear from you if at all possible. I am ashamed that with all the Hebrew you taught me, I am totally lost and the Ulpan doesn't start until AFTER the Hagim. I hope I will hear from you. Shana Tova Agnes
Steven Geiger posts on 8/19/2007 4:08:32 AM We are organizing a conference on children of the holoca. We would be honored if you attended and spoke.I am the founder of the Mensch Foundation. My phone no. in Hungary is 36305034706. Toda &Shalom
Molly posts on 8/14/2007 5:24:30 PM I just finished reading "I have lived a Thousand Years" As a Jew I want to personaly thank Livia Bitton-Jackson for telling us her stories, and teaching us about her encredibly hard and tradgic life. I've been trying to find her address so I can sent a card to her, but I can't fime it. If anyone knows how to obtain it, I would grately appriciate it. Thanks!
Chris posts on 6/11/2007 7:41:35 PM Yes, the author is still alive. I was lucky enough to have taken a college class that she taught (she has a PhD and was a professor at Lehman College in NYC in 2004). Learning about the Holocaust and the history of Anti-Semitism from someone who experienced the terror of the extermination camps first-hand was a true highlight for me as a novice historian. I believe that 2004 was her last year teaching in the U.S. and she currently resides in Israel with her husband and family. Oh, by the way ... Elle Friedmann and the author Livia Bitton-Jackson is the same person. It's an autobiography. Her real first name is Elvira, which she never liked. Elle was a nickname. Friedmann was her maiden name before marriage. Her first husband's name was Bitton, her second husband's name is Jackson. Hence, Livia Bitton-Jackson. :) If you want to know more about Livia ... "I have Lived One Thousand Years" is the first book in a TRILOGY. Buy and read books #2 and #3!
Tess Wobbe posts on 6/11/2007 2:26:19 PM Is Elli still alive? If so please have her email me because I just started reading a book about her that made me want to meet her or at least learn about her and ask some questions.
Brittney posts on 5/7/2007 6:12:55 PM That book is so great! I loved it!! It was very very sad at times but I could never put it down. I am very happy that Elli survived and it is just wonderful to read!
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