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katelyn shepherd posts on 2/8/2011 11:23:48 PM hello,mary downing hahn!im 11 years old and in the fith grade.i started to read your books about two weeks ago so far i have read (the lovely bad ones,wait till helen comes).my mom has orederd the old willis place,the doll in the garden and deep dark and dangerous.i cant wait to read them they should be here any day now!!!your books keep my guessing and i love a good ghost storie once in a while but i love to read yours every chance i get!!you inspire me because you were a childrens librarian and that if put effort in to it you can do anything one day i hope i can be like you and write ghost stories!!! thank you, katelyn shepherd =) =D <3
Jarek Toepfer posts on 12/16/2010 5:10:27 PM I like the book "Closed for the Season" and it is interesting.I am in 5th grade and I really like your book Jarek
AnnieD posts on 12/8/2010 10:26:16 PM Hi Mrs. Hahn! I love your books. I've filled up my friends ear with how good they are. I have read Deep and Dark and Dangerous nine times. I have a question. i just finished reading FOLLOWING THE MYSTERY MAN. It's really good. I know it's a kind of older one, but I have a big question. I write books too. But they're not published. Anyways, I thought of an idea. But only with your permission. I thought that you could write a sequel to FOLLOWING THE MYSTERY MAN, called HELPING THE MYSTERY MAN. I wrote some of it. You can change it all you want and call it yours! I was thinkuing if you sent your e-mail address to me, I could e-mail the story part to you. It's not finished. You don't have to do this, but in your dedications to why you wrote the book, maybe you could write Annie D??? My e-mail address is Please, please, please do this for me!!! I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!

autumn posts on 11/30/2010 10:22:18 PM hi Ms.hahn im autumn 11 years old i absolutely love your books they have so much mystery you really know how to tretch a mystery until the end!!!!!!!:]
emily posts on 11/24/2010 1:57:15 AM Hi ms.hahn, my name is emily and I absoulutly love your books! They're really spooky! I have read the old willace pace and the ghost of crutchfields hall!! right now i am reading closed for the season. i think it will be a very good/fantabulous book like all of your other ones i cant wait to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chrissie posts on 10/15/2010 10:11:48 PM Oh my goodness! I love the books you write mary! I hope you read this because i've read a lot of your books and they're awesome! I love mysteries and I really really really want all the lovely bad ones and deep and dark and dangerous to become a movie! Please let someone make a movie. Especially on deep and dark and dangerous! That would be a great movie! Please!:)
Victoria Snay posts on 10/15/2010 10:30:30 AM 125 Middletown Roads Waterford, NY 12188 October 12, 2010 Mary Downing Hahn Dear Mary Downing Hahn, Hi my name is Victoria Snay. I just finished one of your novels for a book report I read The Doll in the Garden. I thought this book was very good and exciting. My favorite part is when Ashley and Kristi met Louisa. I love to read ghost and mystery stories. For my next book report I am thinking about reading Closed for the Season or The Old Willis place. Do you have any new books coming out? If you do can you tell me the names please because I think you are a very good author. How did you get into writing books? Sincerely yours, Victoria Snay
loreen posts on 10/3/2010 2:43:32 PM cant belive she can right stuff like that! its sooo gooood!
brooke posts on 9/26/2010 6:33:52 PM will you make wait till helen comes two please helen was one of the best carecters will you make her come back
Gracie posts on 8/28/2010 5:54:29 PM Dear Mary Downing Hahn, I am twelve years old, and I absolutely LOVE all of your books! I have read almost all of them! I have to say I have to be your biggest fan! My favorite book of yours is Witch Catcher. I am in the middle of it, and it is amazing!
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