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Lady posts on 11/22/2005 8:43:07 PM i hate fan-fic. probably because my favorite parts of any book involve style and characterization, something unique to any author, so i can't stand someone else doing it. i LOVE that bleating goat part. i just noticed it for the first time too! and the "they had a cart" comment, i did pick up on. it's my kind of humor, using one little piece of humor and carrying it through. i think she might have brought it into QoA too, but i don't remember. So i just read the queen of attolia again, and i have to say, it is one of the best books i have ever read. her characterization is SO EXCELLENT. can't wait for king of attolia. can't can't can't, because you can just guess there's more resolving to do tween gen and attolia. i DO hope it's good... who was it that read it already? was that aspect good? no details, i beg, but was it GOOD.
Rowana posts on 11/19/2005 5:25:23 AM I only noticed on the tenth re-reading that when Gen says 'they had a cart', when they're in a cell, in the Thief, it could be slightly ironic, given that it was grumbling at the Magus earlier for not having a cart. Yes. Um, for fanfics, try - cesspit of the universe. Just type 'Eugendes' in a summary search. Truly terrible story.
Caroline posts on 11/18/2005 10:31:22 PM That is sooo true, every time you re-read them you find something new. And I haven't found any fanfics either. Hardly anyone seems to have read these books.

Victoria posts on 11/18/2005 6:11:18 PM I havn't found any fanfics! Where are they? // And Gen is SO AWSOME... ^^
Rowana posts on 11/18/2005 4:28:29 PM I love the bleating goat part. :) It shows that Gen's not half so grouchy or typical as certain fanfiction writers would have him be. You do get the most awful MWT fanfiction though. Perhaps because they fall so short of MWT's mark by comparison.
Victoria posts on 11/17/2005 9:34:37 PM I notice new things as well. In QoA, I noticed that after Attolia calls Gen a goat-foot while they're walking up the stairs, he makes the sound of a bleating goat in reply. I laughed out loud, having not noticed this before. Rereading is good. ^^
Lady posts on 11/17/2005 7:25:01 PM yes, i just finished the thief for... hmm hmm... the seventh time, i'm pretty sure. and this time through i STILL noticed new things. for instance, i picked up before that he would have died from his wound if it hadn't been for hamiathes' gift, but i kind of never really noticed that he would probably have died coming out of the maze too, if he hadn't had it. also, there are all these TINY subtleties... little things he says. like, at one point where he says something like, my upbringing was beginning to tell... something about being used to having the sky shut out. BY TREES! and the thing is, the first time through i never suspected. it's almost embarrassing, seeing all these hints...
Caroline posts on 11/17/2005 5:21:29 PM I'm going to start re-reading too, but maybe closer to Febuary. It kinda seems to shorten the wait, you know? Thats another great thing about these books... you can re-read them lots of times and they're still amazing!
Lady posts on 11/16/2005 7:49:07 PM mm. in all liklihood i'll wait until it hits the bookshelves. even then, i can see myself getting there late. i don't buy books all that often. that's what libraries are for, especially when there's college to pay for. i don't have a huge problem waiting. it's just that much more time i have to look forward to another book. after all... we're facing another 6ish years until the next (if...?) so, i'm rereading the thief tonight, and i'll get to the QoA tomarrow. *clutches queen of attolia greedily* i'm so excited....
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