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Kate posts on 6/10/2007 10:40:48 PM Ploomy, admit it. Are you really Melanie? If so, it's some twisted way to evoke sympathy.
ploomy posts on 6/10/2007 9:50:56 PM "Robert", with that much retouching Newt Gingrich would look like a babe. Kate, she's not stuck up because she is extremely insecure. Calling her good-natured is highly debatable.
Denise Copeland posts on 6/10/2007 6:28:13 PM When did Melanie Craft start writing?

Robert posts on 6/10/2007 5:58:26 PM I just went to Melanie’s website and looked at her picture. She’s gorgeous. I don’t know anything about her books but she’s a babe.
Kate posts on 6/10/2007 1:36:37 PM Ploomy, after looking at the SF Chronicle photos, I admit they are not as glamorous as her website one. But she seems good-natured and not stuck up. Why do you hate her?
ploomy posts on 6/10/2007 11:35:42 AM Kate, Kate. Everyone in their right mind would call her that. The too-wide set eyes, Neanderthal forehead and brow ridges, enormously large face, and a horse smile. Have you seen the SF Chronicle un-retouched photos in the article about Craft's vapid life? Some women of less than average appeal redeem themselves by their deeds. She is as shallow as they come. Whose beauty standards are you calling on here?
Kate posts on 6/9/2007 9:59:58 PM Ploomy - your comments are so over the top critical, I wonder if you may be real Mealnie, trying to stir controversy and attract attention? Melanie may not be beautiful, but no one in their right mind can call her ugly.
ploomy posts on 6/9/2007 8:51:57 PM Barbara and Mike, Your thorazine is playing tricks with your heads. Fugly describes Melanie Craft and boring describes her books. She must have secretly medicated Larry to have him marry her
Janel posts on 6/9/2007 4:27:56 PM Where have you been, girl? Everybody knows this. He takes his boat to South Pacific, accompanied by young babes.
Vita posts on 6/5/2007 4:42:52 PM What makes you think Larry is a cheating husband, and that Melanie needs anti-depressants? I think she looks fine.
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