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terry posts on 8/7/2008 1:26:14 PM Even if that is so, by now Larry is probably too old to do anything about it. Like going on Opra again, announcing he needs another wife. Maybe the botoxed Melanie is not so bad. Some people refer to her as 'charming' and even 'gorgeous'.
ploomy posts on 8/1/2008 2:35:53 PM Great skin and hair? Have we mentioned Botox ,fillers and laser treatments courtesy of publicity whore shorty Dr. Matarasso? She's not aging well but then I'm stating what is common knowledge. Larry will not admit he's made a mistake. If there's one thing he regrets in his personal life it is marrying this ho-ho.
budrow posts on 7/31/2008 9:16:45 PM Larry, I say, appeal that decision,and bring the American Cup home!

terry posts on 7/18/2008 4:44:04 PM Melanie's picture is on today's opening page of AOL. Great hair and skin!
buttercup posts on 6/3/2008 12:03:14 PM Do you know both of them Ploomy? I can't hardly believe quilt is the only factor in Larry deciding to stay with her.If that was the case then Larry would be eaten up with quilt for promising to marry another lady instead of her.
ploomy posts on 6/2/2008 11:26:38 PM GUILT. As bad as he can be, he feels guilty about leaving her knowing she threatened to take her own life many times over every time he kicked her out or wanted to leave her. She is a lame drama queen. She's on an antidepressant cocktail which even Larry isn't hiding from anyone. His first three wives are laughing their ass*s off to see what a lame pill-popper he ended up with. His kids try to stay away from her too. She's a lame emotionally disturbed walleyed freakish-looking loser.
buttercup posts on 5/31/2008 4:42:56 PM Larry Blackmailed? Gee, why didnt I think of that? How long do you think one of the richest, more powerful men in the world will allow her to hold him hostage? He seems to have some liberty, going to all of her book parties.Why would he have anything to do with her if that were true though??
ploomy posts on 5/31/2008 1:33:53 PM I have two words: Holy Sh*t! I always thought she was distinctively ugly in a funny-looking-kid sort of way. You know exceptionally wide-set eyes, disturbed facial proportions, giant head. This photo is no different. Even if she had a facelift, no help there. She is a messy, ugly over-medicated manipulator with less-than-mediocre writing skills. It's just so strange that Larry fell for all this. She must know something about him he's just dying to keep secret. Only this explains this holding Larry hostage situation. PS- all defensive posts come from Melanie herself which helps you gauge how often she visits this site
scarlett posts on 5/30/2008 4:56:20 AM He does have a thing for Asian culture alright! LOL
brody posts on 5/30/2008 12:53:56 AM I pulled up next to him a couple months ago on the PCH in Malibu and he was with a HOT young asian chic in his Silver Bently and they did not look like Platonic friends if you know what I mean. Nice car and hot girl. Way to go Larry I am jealous.
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