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BarbaraH posts on 2/24/2009 11:02:06 PM Hmm, no, I never noticed the Welsh thing Mary, point me in the direction of some relevant NL's would you? New Para. I wish you would come to Goodreads too, you would enjoy some of the discsussions I know, for eg the Fans of Norah Loofts group. I was trying to post a link but this board keeps saying its too long and won'tt accept it Goodreads is SO much easier to use than here!
cassie posts on 2/24/2009 10:04:54 PM will do. and I'm posting so that you can again. I will email you.
Mary posts on 2/24/2009 9:56:14 PM Cassie, I just completed my part of the copyright registration process for that poem today--registered it online and paid, but then couldn't upload it and mailed it instead. Those registering items are warned that the process may take up to a year if they do it by mail or up to four months if they do it online, but I also read at one time that once (or even bfroe, possibly0 an author has applied for a copyright, all s/he needs to do to protect the work is to note "copyright [year]"on it when it's published. So I'm ready to post it on Goodreads. But if you're familiar with the site (I'm not), could I email it to you to send on for me? You can answer me at [New paragraph] Since I won't be allowed to post again until someone else has, let me toss out this thought now: Has anyone else noticed how NL seems to have had a rather low opinion of the Welsh and even their ancient British ancestors?

Anonymous posts on 2/16/2009 9:54:34 PM Hi Mary, I keep meaning to re-research the Ockley puzzle too, but I seem to be reading and re-reading so many things I can't get round to it!I seem to have got to the stage of reading , in no particualar order, but more or less at the same time - well, you know what I mean- Women In the Old Testament ( NL) The Bible ( as ref for above ) Wayside Tavern ( NL) Put On by Cunning Ruth Rendell) The Dressmaker (Rosalie Ham) and I just got Lovers All Untrue ( NL) whcih I thought I might start to re-read... I love it that NL says in her forward to Women in the OT "the author of Women in the OT , together with the authors of 'Women in Art' , or 'Women in Crime', and all the other exploiters of this curious interest in the female, must be grateful that the general, if unacknowledged, opinion of women is so low that the word "Woman Sweeps Chimney " would make an arresting headline even in these day of paper shortage" ( she was writing immediately post WW2)
Mary posts on 2/16/2009 9:41:47 PM I haven't given up on the Ockley puzzle, but today, looking for information on the 'Babes in the Wood' ballad, I found a site that ties the ballad seems to a real incident that happened in the 16th century the NL country! Strange that she never alluded to it! Or did she, and it just slipped by me?
Karen posts on 2/10/2009 4:34:58 AM Mary, in 'Nethergate' the name of the Fennels's home is given as Ockley Manor. The last section of 'Nethergate' is narrated by Sir Stephen Fennel (who married Dilys Helmar) in 1816. I don't have my copy of 'The Old Priory' anymore (darn), and don't recall - were any of the Fennels mentioned in it?
cassie posts on 2/9/2009 8:29:04 AM Absolutely!! Actually, Alice, the moderator was hoping you would join the group and post it yourself. I told her I wasn't sure you were interested. It would be wonderful to see you over there!
Mary posts on 2/8/2009 11:33:28 PM Cassie, maybe I'd better copyright it first, but the answer will be yes. Can I let you know when I'm ready?
cassie posts on 2/7/2009 11:05:20 PM Mary, the moderator of the NL group on the goodreads website would like your permission to post your poem about NL on the goodreads website.
Mary posts on 1/25/2009 9:39:46 PM Maybe someone who has read both Bless This House and The Old Priory more recently than I have can shed some light here, but it seems to me that there's some overlap in the ownership of Ockley Priory between the two books. At the end of The Old Priory, Amanda's father is about to buy the Priory as a wedding present for her and Alan, and in Bless this House, the Fennels are there when Alice Rowhedge is eleven. It seems to me that Alice must have been born early in the reign of James I, since she had a grown son by the time of the Civil War, so the Sheep Robin incident must have happened about 1620; and in OP, Lettice was born about 1593, so that Alan must have been born not long after 1610. I would guess that OP ends about 1635--well after the Fennels are at Ockley according to BTH. The Fennels are mentioned a couple of times in that book, but I don't remember whether their home is named. Am I missing something, or is this discrepancy an example of an 'Homeric Nod'?
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