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Sue Edwards posts on 11/17/2009 12:17:04 PM Hi there! I have just discovered this forum, and am so pleased to see so many people who love Norah Lofts Novels! I have all of them, and have just finished reading "Road to Revelation" for the umpteenth time! (It is falling to bits now!) I first discovered Norah Lofts back in the 1960s and was hooked straight away! I love the writing "in the first person", it makes it so much more personal and intimate. I love the way that she introduces places like Layer Wood, and the different towns and villages, and also that the different characters such as the Law firm of Turnbull turn up in different Novels. I think that my favourites are "The House" trilogy, and "Knights Acre" trilogy. But really I just love all of them. I can see her characters in my mind's eye and they come alive through her words. I just wish there were more of them, and when I found that "Pargeters" was her last book, it was sad to think that this great writer could never write anymore books to keep us enthralled. I always try to read "How Far to Bethlehem?" each Christmas, and I love individual stories starting far away, with the journey ending at Bethlehem! Are have been truly blessed with Norah Lofts writings!
BarbaraH posts on 6/2/2009 3:17:05 AM I don't know where to post this- it isn't really a topic or anything ,except I wanted to say isn't it nice when you order a book and then forget about ordering and it turns up on your doorstep like a nice present! My Norah Lofts (non-fiction) "Anne Boleyn" just did!
Maureen McLeod posts on 5/26/2009 11:26:14 PM Ms. Rose is a Lesbian and wants to keep Marion all to herself as her lover. She is never going to allow Marion to be released from her care.

Rita posts on 5/25/2009 1:22:54 AM Tom Rowhedge was a character in the book Bless This House. Merravay was built for him. And it was haunted. I can't remember if he appeared in any other of NL books. And the ending of Lovers All Untrue, Ann, was about Miss Rose, who had fallen in love with Marion. She did not want her to get well. She wanted to keep her a pretty doll.
Amitzah posts on 5/19/2009 2:31:06 AM Hi, I just finished reading Nora Lofts Lovers All Untrue, I'm completely confused by the ending with Marion and Miss Rose, can someone help me to understand it. Thanks in advance.
ann posts on 5/17/2009 6:51:57 PM I am trying to remember in which of Nora Lofts books the character Tom Rowhedge appears. Horrible things happened to him. I had thought he was in the "House" trilogy, but I've reread them and he isn't there. Would love to hear what anyone knows.
jennifer posts on 5/7/2009 1:31:09 PM Has anyone mapped out Layer Wood? I am interested in opinions. Also family tree connections such as the Bowdegrave line wich showed up in "The Town House" circa 1381 , then again in "Nethergate" circa post Napolean.? Love the way certain family names keep cropping up in her novels, like the Turnbull's. Would be very interested if anyone is also interested. I am a NL fan and have been collecting her works for many years. I have 1st edition of "Queens of England" and a war time printing of "Jassy" I have several copies of most of her books paper back and HC. I think all of her books would make great movies, surprised nothing ever made in USA or UK. "Bless This House" would be my favorite to see on the big screen. Jennifer
BarbaraH posts on 4/18/2009 3:38:28 AM I seem unable to post anything of substance, I just keep getting that stupid notice about off topic, baby talk, other sites etc etc
Mary posts on 4/16/2009 10:43:16 PM Yes, I loved the ending of Nethergate! (( have a very similar feeling about the end of Susan Howatch;s Absolute Truths.) Wouldn't it make a great movie? Should there be music when Annabel and John Franklin II see each other in Dilys's drawing room? I was also glad that things turned out so well for Stephen. He was more than a bit of all right, in both the books he appeared in! Barbara, could you try posting you list of Lindas and Lindys again? I remember Lindy from Uneasy Paradise, but that one had a contemporary setting. I think most Lindas from earlier centuries were really named Belinda or some other compound.
Rita posts on 4/16/2009 12:30:00 PM Another site mentioned the handling of the love scenes in NL's stories. I very much like it that she did not go into graphics. We can get enough of that in other publications. Also: I can never decide whether I like the happy endings or the sad endings. Arguably the best ending, well, maybe one of the best, is Nethergate. Now that made up for lots of bad things that happened. My favorite parts are that one, the love scene between Paulus and Gilda in A WAyside Tavern, the maternal love of the servant girl in Hester Roon. That one always made me cry.
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