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B urrahobbit posts on 5/8/2005 11:44:47 PM I think you can. I guess it depends on which one needed her more....
Davraena posts on 5/8/2005 8:05:09 PM I agree with Burrahobbit. I guess the question could be: is it possible to love more than one man? (at the same time)
Lady posts on 5/1/2005 8:09:58 PM It really kind of comes down to duty. she was following her DUTY in going back to Tor. (i hate duty.) After all, it could have been her true SELF to be dutiful. only problem with that...she wasn't exactly dutiful throughout the whole book. I wouldn't call her rebellious, but neither dutiful.

Burrahobbit posts on 4/28/2005 12:14:06 AM Yes Featherbrain. I can totaly believe that's what you would do. I don't know what I would do. I think REAL love is being true to the person you love and giving up your"self"... so yeah
Featherbrain posts on 4/27/2005 10:19:15 PM I would have quit the both of my "selves" --found my OWN "self" that didn't rely on being with some certain guy. The guys could just find other girls.
Davraena posts on 4/27/2005 10:00:31 PM We, being mortal, I suppose, will have a hard time understanding an immortal. Aerin had to be 2 people. What would you have done? She was being true to both her mortal and immortal selves.
Featherbrain posts on 4/23/2005 5:11:34 AM I think it's one of those things where you try to please everybody but don't please anybody [however: I've not read the book. It's the rare case when BURRAHOBBIT is the one that's read a book and told ME all about it and enforced her opinion on me... I'm supposed to do that to her.]
Lady posts on 4/22/2005 11:55:11 AM oops, sorry, i misread your post. yes, actually that was slightly mean. oh well. :)
Lady posts on 4/21/2005 6:05:22 PM yeah, that's true. still, i don't think he knew about luthe, did he? not that i am encouraging woman to have secret longings for past lovers behind their husbands' backs or anything. eek. Yeah, the more i think about it, it was slightly cheep not to have her choose between them. but i would have been mad at her if she didn't return, and sad if she never went back to luthe.
Lady posts on 4/21/2005 5:49:34 PM hello, it's me...from other boards. I'm just popping in to say, Robin McKinley is one of my fav. authors (for the blue sword and the hero and the crown, mostly). and, as a belated reply to burrahobbit, i don't think that she was evil for marrying Tor. (firstly, evil to who, luthe or tor?) you probably know why, but i'll tell you anyway. she married tor because she was his only 'kindred spirit' at court, and was a bit of a dope without her, actually. plus, she and luthe had all the time in the world, so she may as well have helped out tor while he was alive.
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