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Stephanie posts on 12/17/2008 12:13:30 PM In the 25th aniv. version there is Buttercup's babies first chapter. I just got the 30th aniversery and he gave clues as to what else happened. Fezzik does live after jumping off the mountain and gets caught by a giant bird. ...I'm serious, it's in there lol. He said he plans to come out with it before the 50th aniversar edition. I can't imagine a story where the bad guy is a faceless man, but I still can't wait and will buy it if it ever actually comes out. Though, to me, it seems more like a running joke throughout the editions.
lula posts on 12/2/2008 6:55:01 AM This has always been my favorite book. Now no longer being able to deny that Morgenstern is a fabrication of Goldmans mind since reading this board. Yes before I was in denial, because i think knowing will change how I perceive the whole story. I had just finished it, but guess i shall read it right away again. Just to see. I'm sure I'll still love it. Just what's up with Goldman's sanity that he had to work so hard to decieve his readers.
RazzleDazzle posts on 8/26/2008 2:34:17 PM I first read this book oh, maybe 15 years ago, and have re-read it many times since; I love it. I am re-reading it again, and, for the first time, I wondered if S. Morgenstern was a real person; I had always assumed that he was just a wonderful character that the author created, and the the whole book was made up. Googled S. Morgenstern this AM, discovered that truly he was a made-up character. But in reading the other posts, I saw something about the Bride's baby. I have never heard about a baby before - I wonder where that is coming from. Is there a sequel that I missed? Curious in Seattle.....

Pat posts on 8/3/2008 4:56:34 PM I just finished the book as well, and was suspicious about the reality of the countries of Florin and Guilder. I promised myself I would look it all up when I finished the book... so I did, and of course it is all fiction! I was wanting to plan a trip to the Morgenstern Museum. It was fun reading, and now that I think about it the plot was totally implausible. But I had a good read and wonder if we'll ever get to read "Buttercup's Baby".
Lauren posts on 7/22/2008 12:02:17 AM I just finished The Princess Bride, looked the book up on Wikipedia, and was told that S. Morgenstern was a fake. I cant believe that I was taken for such a ride. I mean, obviously, Florin and Guilder aren't real. But the fact that the lawyer suing Goldman was Kermit Smog (as in Kermit the frog) should have totally tipped me off. Goldman makes a couple references to his home town, which is where I live and I know for a fact he grew up there, so that was probably what made me believe it was real.
Lia posts on 7/1/2008 9:35:03 PM Well, like many other people I was completly convinced S. morgenstern wrote it. I was a little suspicous about the whole thing in the beginning, but as I continued I believed it more.
Nikki posts on 6/4/2008 2:39:11 PM Does Buttercup's Baby actually exist, or not?
ashley posts on 4/22/2008 11:39:43 PM if goldman does not come out with a new book soon, i'm going to lose my nind. is it true that there is going to be a sequal?
meggzz posts on 2/28/2008 2:49:02 PM ok so i just read the princees bride and wanted to read buttercup's baby aas well but my teacher says its not or that she can't find it. is that true??? is it non-existent??? if you have any info please post it. thank you.
maggie posts on 2/26/2008 2:01:43 PM hey everyone i just found out about the "s. morgenstiern is not real thing" last night & at first i was really mad, but than i was fine, anyway, William Goldman is writing a sequel as far as i'm conserned, the same website that i found out he was not real on interviewed william goldman and said he "got lucky with the princess bride & hopes to get lucky again with buttercups baby" he also said that it will come out before the 35th anniversary edition (2009). that will mean that if he does write "buttercups baby", it will be sometime within the next year
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