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Sara posts on 12/30/2006 3:14:37 PM I loved the Princess Bride, it's a great story and i can't wait to read it again, and i was so upset when i found out that Buttercups baby didn't exist yet and i really hope that it does get published i loved the first chapter.
krissy posts on 12/16/2006 8:13:18 PM WOW. Goldman has had me fooled for years. That's wonderful. This book was the inspirational theme for my wedding... It's such a great love story. I'm going to read the book again now, because knowing that Goldman's fibbing the whole way through will make it more interesting. I just can't believe it. Hey Goldman (yeah, I know you read this stuff, how could you resist?...) Please pleeease finish buttercups baby!
Umgoe Jones posts on 10/28/2006 10:37:13 PM Hello, I hope Goldman does not write a sequel to "The Princess Bride"! First, read "Marathon Man", then read the sequel "Brothers." Then, you too will hope that he never writes a sequel to "The Princess Bride". It seems to me that he got tired of being pestered for a sequel to "Marathon Man", so he took 3 or 4 other books he had partially written, mashed them together, added a couple names from "Marathon Man" and said - "Here you go - here's you sequel. Are you happy now? Hah!" Although, if he did write a sequel to "The Princess Bride," I would of course read it. :)

sydney posts on 10/22/2006 10:51:00 PM I just finished reading the princess bride, and i have to say it is an amazing book. i really loved it, and can't wait to read it over again to my brother. i also have to say that i sadly believed every last of goldman's words. about s. morgenstern, the sequel, his fat son, every bit of it. i am embarrassed to admit that i just spent the last ten minutes on e-bay searching for the original book (which obviously does not exist) before i realized the truth. I am beyond gullible, but it doesn't chnage the fact that the princess bride is still my favorite book of all time.
Jackie posts on 10/14/2006 6:16:08 PM Random House (Del Rey) does not list Buttercup's Baby as a book that has or will be released. I doubt that Bill Goldman will ever write it. He seems to have that strange sort of sense of humor that delighted in having millions of people think that there really was an original story by S. Morgenstern (originally, anyway). I think Bill Goldman is brilliant and I love his multi-level writing style. But he'll probably get a bigger kick knowing that we're all anxiously awaiting a sequel than he ever would from writing the actual sequel. There is no Florin, no S. Morgenstern, no S. Morgenstern estate (obviously Stephen King was never slated to abridge Buttercup's baby since there is no Buttercup's baby, except for the first chapter Goldman wrote in the most recent edition of Princess Bride; Stephen King and Golman are actually friends and King gets a kick out of Goldman's fictional conversation with him). Bill Goldman has no fat son, his wife isn't a physcologist but they did divorce in the 90s. I hope he does write it, but he's in his 70s and I doubt he will. Wouldn't it be just like Goldman to have written Buttercup's Baby only to have it released onced he's passed on? That would be the ultimate last laugh.
posts on 10/9/2006 8:27:09 PM I am a new convert to this wonderful book. I loved the movie. When I lost most of my vision, one of the firt books I got on tape was The Princess Bride - and WOW was it ever an exciting read! Mr. Goldman is my new favorite person! Please Mr. Goldman - complete Buttercup's Baby - I must know what happens (and please don't kill Fezzik).
posts on 9/20/2006 1:47:41 PM Same with me. Read the book and was fasinated. I could actually see that someone else wrote the book. I'm dying to know if Buttercup's Baby will be completed. From all I have seen, Goldman doesn't plan on finishing the tale but I think it would be a severe injustice to the story if it goes unfinished.
posts on 8/3/2006 2:29:25 PM "It's just like those Oz books." says the book, but I find that it is very similar to The Great Gatsby. A poor young man falls in love with a woman named Daisy (also the name of a yellow flower, loke Buttercup). He goes off to find his fortune through some shady business (like Westley does with piracy), and decides that his new job calls for a different name (like W. does to the Dread Pirate Roberts). He comes back to find that his love is married to a rich jerk and he tries to win her back. Also, the narrator that feels strangelyt bound to the characters. Also, the wrong people die. There are probably some other similarities, too. I don't know what Goldman had in find or was in his subconscious when he wrote his book, but whatever it was, it's my favorite book ever!
posts on 8/1/2006 6:34:47 PM when i first read it, i started believing in good faith that s morgenstern really wrote it So did I, I'm gullible... William Goldman is very creative as a writer
posts on 7/6/2006 6:58:52 PM zarena, where did you get buttercups baby? ive been looking everywhere for it and i have read the princess bride and i read the first chapter of buttercups baby and now i would like to read it. can you please tell me where you found it? it would be great if you could help me! thanks
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