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kat hill posts on 5/18/2005 2:59:37 PM My 6th graders just finished Walk Two Moons, and even though I've taught this novel around 7 times now, I cried my eyes out in front of everyone. I love the love, the suspense, the drama, the digging into families, and the humor. Thanks for giving my class and me something to keep us busy and interested this time of year.
Jacki posts on 5/16/2005 2:31:54 PM i love her books i love them so much all of them she has such a sucess writing Zinny is just like me and is always on the go!!!!!!!
jahquell14 posts on 5/16/2005 11:42:59 AM HER BOOKS ARE SO GOOD I STAY UP THE WHOLE NIGHT READING

Christina White posts on 5/13/2005 2:57:42 PM I absolutely love all of her books, especially Chasing Red Bird!
monkeyk12 posts on 5/11/2005 2:35:30 PM does sharon creech have any other jobs other than writting
foxxy posts on 5/9/2005 3:09:39 PM how did sharoon creech get started writting
Aek posts on 5/2/2005 4:26:39 PM can some one tell me what are all the books she written
Kamen posts on 4/30/2005 1:25:32 PM Does anyone know when this book was copyrighted???? please post it on the boards if you know!!!!
keenan walters posts on 4/30/2005 8:02:12 AM yes your book is good but i need help with my homework assignment
Kea posts on 4/25/2005 2:32:07 PM What is your hobbies? P.S.Please write back.
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