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Emma posts on 9/22/2010 8:30:41 PM Your name makes more sense for this disscusion now haha and I just finished the book savvy, was it about a girl named mibs who turns 13 and gets her power?? Or is that a different book?? And I also think the songs should be put to simple music, no drums or anything
Mockingjay posts on 9/21/2010 9:51:16 AM Its slytherin girl. Ijust change my name alot. It would be awesome if we could go to your house to do that! I'm dying to put my song on youtube! Cool about the book. I started one once. It was gonna be sorta like savy but not really.
Elizabeth posts on 9/20/2010 6:35:20 PM i always imagined the songs would go witha piano or a guitar

Emma posts on 9/20/2010 5:53:39 PM Your book sounds great!! I write a little bit myself but usually just short storys and poems, I also draw, I usually draw cartoon animals but I've been working on realistic things now like people and buildings. I play a little piano, I wonder if I could put the songs to music...
rue posts on 9/19/2010 6:30:06 PM I hav a camera. maybe me and you could post our verisions on youtube together!? of course i need to charge it again. dumb thing loses power so quick. Oh and i am starting to write a new book. well planing anyway. its gonna be GREAT! i will tell you all when im done. Im hoping i can make it long enough. most the time i am not able to do that, no idea y. i guess i just hav a short attention span. haha silly me. i even hav the cover drawn i m gonna show it to sg tommorrow. sigh to bad im not as good as a writer as miss collins. i dought i ever will be. most likely my job will be a vet. I love animals. but my fav is a fox. acutally thats what im writing about. its a story form a foxes point of veiw. she just got done with a battle she wakes up in the middle of a blood covered feild, and her fur is coved in think congelled blood. U guys like it,and thats only the begining. it kinda based of one of my dreams that i had. i ve had it more than once. i kinda feel i should write it down ya know? well enough of me blabbering i willl talk later. bye.
slytherin girl posts on 9/19/2010 11:37:18 AM well for christmass one of those portable video cameras is on of the top things on my list. I'll let you know when I put it on Youtube.
Emma posts on 9/18/2010 10:22:31 AM Wish I could hear your music for the songs, it would be fun to compare melodys and stuff
slytherin girl posts on 9/16/2010 6:42:52 PM It would be cool if she did. so finnick never even knew he was going to be a dad. So sad.:'(
rue posts on 9/16/2010 9:05:00 AM my songs melodies r kinda slow. im sing better when its slow and sweet. i had a dream last night that was a mix from hg. and i know how u feel. i was like, crying when finnik died. and ppl SUZZANE COLLINS DOES NOT READ THIS BOARD. SHE NEVER WILL.
Elizabeth posts on 9/14/2010 5:21:22 PM I know me too. Me and my friends always joke about me living in a old beat up house with like 80 cats cuz i wont find a guy. And since im so lonesome i cat sit and everything too. My one friend is all " you sure you dont need like a license to do that?" you don't but she just humours me and says like 2 more years if highschool then you can get ur first cat. Its kinda funny i play along. I thought i would make a perfect katniss too. I have like the song stuck in my head sometimes with the melody i made up for it. I think i kinda look like her too. Brown hair, not too tall, not too pretty. Cuz well katniss isnt supposed to be some drop dead gorgeous person. But not hideous either. I hated it when Finnick died. Especially at the end when it tells u that Annie had a baby boy. I was like "nooo finnick would of been the perfect dad" then katniss and peetas kids could go play with him and call him uncle finnick just for kicks.
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