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Mockingjay posts on 10/30/2010 7:37:35 PM ô♫ Why do you build me up, buttercup baby, just 2 let me let me down...ô♫
e.mikolay posts on 10/29/2010 8:39:21 PM hi this is my first message but for the hunger games, i just want to let you know that some parts in the books were so sad and touching, i started getting teary. some other parts, my heart nearly stopped!!!well, my point is, is that the hunger games were so good, i sometimes read for 3-4 hours straight. thank you for making the best book series ever.i hope you read this message.
Emma posts on 10/27/2010 5:38:16 PM Aww sorry about you finger :( if it makes you feel better I have slamed a finger or toe in a door at least one time a year haha! And yeah i'm sure her next series will also be incredible! Speeking of books how is yours coming along?

rue posts on 10/25/2010 8:01:37 PM i have no idea. but no matter what i bet it will be awesome. it will be just as addicting as others. i compleletly jacked up my finger. slamed it in a car door. well i gtg talk later.
Emma posts on 10/23/2010 10:32:50 AM Yes it has to be good! Hehe :) Anyone no what it'll be called or what it's going to be about?
rue posts on 10/21/2010 9:06:00 AM but of course no one would be able to compare to mrs. collins. but i do wonder what her next sereis will be!im sure it will be a good one.
Emma posts on 10/20/2010 6:39:27 PM Well it kinda ends cause we would never no the authors pictured ending but I bet friends and family would try to finish writing for the author especially if they knew what the author had in mind to write
Mockingjay posts on 10/18/2010 7:05:53 PM Yeah but I mean lets stop bothering her. She might be getting annoyed by everything. so... I mean she might be writing another series too. And with the time she reading our letters she could be writing. I wonder what happens if somebody dies in the middle of a series. Does it just end. like poof! its over. or do they have someone that finnishes it for her?
Emma posts on 10/17/2010 12:08:28 PM Well everyones been reading the hunger games and I'm sure plenty of feedbacks being sent to her, so maybe she hasn't gotten to read your letter yet or maybe she can't send a letter in response to everyone but I've seen interviews of her talking about her books and she's very kind so I'm sure she appreciates your feedback.
rue posts on 10/17/2010 12:00:23 PM we even sent her letters but she never answered. suppose shes to busy with her stuff to contact us.
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